Photo Slideshows for Products/Services (Business)

Slideshow Videos are a good way to highlight your business – products & services that you provide. It is possible to create a nice marketing video with a few photos that you may have. In order for the video to look professional, it’s got to be created and designed using professional slideshow creation tools. That’s exactly what we do at,

It’s possible for anyone to import a bunch of photos and create a basic slideshow using free software/apps like Movie Maker or PowerPoint. But the video needs to appeal to viewers and hold their attention. For that, you ought to make it look different, beautiful and professional.

There are beautiful effects and transitions that are now available. The issue is, considerable time and investment may be required to learn and apply them to your videos. Since we have already invested in the tools and skills, we can make your videos stand out from the regular slideshows that you generally find on social networks.

Besides, we can add animated intros/outros, royalty-free music, animated text, and even text-to-speech spoken by a cool 3D avatar to ensure your videos grab people’s attention instantly. All this, we’d do at a fraction of the cost when compared to hired graphic editors or even freelance graphic artists.

Have a look at the above & below-embedded slideshows we have created to promote businesses like yours. Note that these videos can be customized as per your requirements, as per your need. We do not work on fixed templates.

To try our slideshow creation service for businesses, visit WowSuper.Net

We also make slideshows for other occasions like wedding, birthday, party, travel, festival, etc. Do visit the above link and get in touch with us even for your personal video requirements. You spend a lot of money on big occasions – why not share your memories with the world in style?

Turn Off Internet/Network with Push Button Security Lock Switch

Just push a button to turn-on or turn-off your Internet/network connection for one computer or group of computers, using the Internet Network Security Lock Switch. This is a simple way to safeguard your data/connectivity from hackers and other wayfarers even if you/your kids forget to turn off the Internet.

This is required if you have always-on computers and you want to easily turn on/off internet connectivity by just pushing a button. This can also be used to block or enable Internet access to one or a group of computers — without user’s knowledge, if required — without having to use firewall/proxy server, etc.

Connectivity Architecture Diagram – Internet Network Security Lock Switch

Internet Network Security Lock Switch - Connectivity Architecture Diagram

This product can also be connected to other IP-enabled devices like IP phone, Video Camera/Conferencing unit, etc. to control network access.


  1. Just push a physical button to connect or disconnect to the Internet. No software, configuration, upgrades, power or batteries required.
  2. One 5-foot Cat 5 cable to connect to the computer is included.
  3. It is a pass-through device – so it will support any speed supported by the device/switch.
  4. An easy way to turn off Internet/WiFi for kids or staff when not required.


  1. The red light to indicate the state of the connection (On/Off) is not bright enough.
  2. The supplied cable is Cat 5, not Cat 6. If you have a gigabit network with Cat 6 cables, try to use only Cat 6 cables for connections.
  3. Doesn’t look very elegant – normal looks.

Price (USD)/Buy From (USA) – Amazon product page for,

8/12-Bay NAS for Home & SMB: Synology DS1815+/DS2415+


Main Specs

  • Synology DS1815+ is a Diskless 8-Bay NAS (Network Attached Storage) supporting maximum internal raw capacity of 80 TB. Can be expanded up to 18 Bays and 180 TB with additional expansion units (DX513).
  • Synology DS2415+ is a Diskless 12-Bay NAS (Network Attached Storage) supporting maximum internal raw capacity of 120 TB. Can be expanded up to 24 Bays and 240 TB with additional external expansion units (DX1215).
  • Quad Core Intel Atom C2538 2.4 Ghz processor (64-bit CPU & Hardware encryption engine).
  • 2 GB DDR3 System Memory expandable up to 6 GB.
  • Drives: 2.5″ & 3.5″ SATA II & III HDD & 2.5″ SSD.
  • RJ-45 1 Gb LAN port x 4; USB 3.0 port x 4.
  • RAID types supported: Basic, JBOD, Synology Hybrid RAID, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10.
  • SSD Read/Write Cache support.
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty.



  1. Hot Swappable drives
  2. Wireless dongle support
  3. Scheduled Power On/Off; Wake on LAN/WAN
  4. User can combine two DiskStation units into one high availability cluster in order to minimize downtime due to faults on one of them
  5. Longer power cord than most bundled power cords
  6. Easy unit setup, disk installation & disk maintenance
  7. Synology DSM is a stable & trusted OS and supports many free cum paid add-on packages/apps that can be used to extend the functionality of the unit beyond just storage/backup.
  8. Integrates with Time Machine for Macs and can be used as an iTunes server.
  9. Supports automatic local backups from multiple devices & consolidated NAS & cloud-backup from Synology
  10. Supports PLEX (easy media sharing app to multiple connected devices)
  11. Replacing one failed disk or unit with another is as simple as replacing the hardware and drives. The configuration and data remain intact.
  12. You can make your own NAS using standard PC components, but this one is low-power & designed for 24×7 operation.
  13. Photo Station and Video Station enables you to store and share media with selective access rights.
  14. It can be a full-fledged media server that can store media/content on a central location and stream it to multiple devices.


Advantages For Small/Medium Business

  1. Synology DS2415+ supports corporate directories like Windows AD & LDAP
  2. Supports iSCSI & NFS
  3. Supports Virtualization environments like Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V
  4. Supports CMS (Central Management System) in larger environments for centralized viewing and managing multiple Synology devices
  5. Network ports support Link Aggregation & Failover


  1. Only two IP Camera licenses are included with Surveillance Station (Max. supported cameras at additional licensing cost of around $50 per camera = 40)
  2. Slightly higher noise due to 2 x 80mm fans and lack of noise insulation/dampening
  3. The included 2 GB RAM is not sufficient for a NAS of this capacity. It is recommended to upgrade it to maximum possible capacity (6 GB).
  4. No USB-C or Thunderbolt ports.


  1. If you want to be able to expand a volume, don;t create it directly from a disk. Create a Disk Group first and then create a volume out of the disk group.
  2. The built-in 2 GB RAM may not be sufficient. Recommended to upgrade the RAM to 6 GB by adding a 4 GB module (as suggested by Synology) or upgrade the RAM to 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) if your usage requires it. Synology doesn’t suggest the latter and that may also void the warranty. So be aware if you do that.
  3. Use hard-drives designed to work in a NAS. These are reliable and will work well in 24×7 operations.
  4. Check if the drive you want to buy is available in the Synology hard drive compatibility list.
  5. Use Synology Hybrid RAID for best space utilization efficiency. Use this RAID Calculator offered by Synology to find out space usage efficiency for each type of RAID. However, remember that you can’t buy a NAS from some other company in the future and transfer these drives and hope to use/recover existing data.
  6. Multiple RAID configurations on multiple volumes is possible.
  7. Try to use it (connect it) with a managed switch with Gigabit ports supporting link aggregation for faster data transfer.

Manufacturer’s web page – Synology DS1815+; DS2415+.

Price (USD)/Buy From(USA): product page for,


Optional Accessories

  1. This unit doesn’t come with hard drives. Recommended drives: WD Red 1 – 8 TB NAS hard drive or Seagate IronWolf 1 – 8 TB NAS hard drive.
  2. Recommended RAM modules for RAM Upgrade: Kingston Technology 4 GB DDR3L RAM or Synology 4 GB DDR3 RAM.

Multi-Gigabit Network Switch with 2.5G/5G Ports: Netgear M4200 GSM4210P

Netgear M4200 Multi-Gigabit Network Switch supports 2.5G/5G ports that can connect to 802.11ac Wave2 Access Points capable of higher speeds/bandwidth than the regular 1G ports available in Switches. Connecting Wave2 APs to Switches with 10G ports is an option, but an overkill. That’s why the intermediary 2.5G/5G ports maybe very useful.

Since the Netgear M4200 Switch is L2/L3/L4 capable, it can be deployed in the edge or aggregation layer. Since it supports PoE+ high-power standard on all ports, you can provide both data and power connectivity through a single data cable to all the Wave2 11ac access points you connect through these Switches. Continue reading “Multi-Gigabit Network Switch with 2.5G/5G Ports: Netgear M4200 GSM4210P”

New Networking Products for Homes & SMB (June 2016)


Welcome to another edition of ‘New networking products for homes & small/medium businesses’ newsletter. In this post, let’s see some interesting networking products released for small businesses, homes and individual users over the last one month (June 2016).

#1. Netgear Introduces DM200, high-speed VDSL2 Modem that also supports ADSL2+ connections. MSRP: $59.99 USD. Read more… Continue reading “New Networking Products for Homes & SMB (June 2016)”

New Networking Products for Homes & SMB (May 2016)

Hello and welcome to another edition of New Networking products introduced for homes and small businesses, over the last one month (May 2016).

#1. Linksys introduces three new MU-MIMO WiFi products: Linksys has introduced, 1. EA-9500 Tri-band WiFi router capable of up to eight MU-MIMO streams. 2. RE7000 MU-MIMO Range Extender. 3. WU-SB6100M MU-MIMO USB Adapter. Read more… Continue reading “New Networking Products for Homes & SMB (May 2016)”

New Networking Products for Homes & SMBs (April 2016)

Welcome to a fresh edition of monthly new networking product releases for homes and SMBs. In this edition, you’ll find new product releases by popular home and small business networking vendors during the month of April, 2016.

#1. TRENDnet launches 4 MP Surveillance Cameras: TRENDnet TV-IP314PI and TV-IP315PI will be available in late May/early June and will carry an MSRP of $204.99 USD. They will support 4 MP resolution; and html5 which will make it easy to view the camera output from multiple browsers/devices – natively. Two more models in this series will be released at the end of this year. More… Continue reading “New Networking Products for Homes & SMBs (April 2016)”

New Networking Products for Homes and SMBs (Mar. ’16)

Welcome to another edition of monthly new networking product releases for homes and SMBs. In this edition, you’ll find new product releases in our home networking industry during the month of March, 2016.

#1. Netgear Introduces ProSAFE M4200 Switches that support PoE+ and Multi-Speed 1G, 2.5G ports along with 2 x 10G uplinks. This switch can be very useful to connect Wave2 Wireless AC Access Points. Links: Netgear, Amazon. Continue reading “New Networking Products for Homes and SMBs (Mar. ’16)”

Synology 4-bay NAS DS415+ ~ Advantages & Limitations

The Synology DS415+ 4-bay NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a good appliance-based external storage/backup option for homes and small businesses. Once you connect this device to the network, you can store a bulk of your data (files and media) here and access when required. This saves a lot of space, especially on mobile devices. Even multiple people in your network can access the NAS simultaneously.

This NAS system is almost a private cloud that allows you to store and access your content without the need for Internet connection or yearly storage charges. It can also be connected and synced to a public cloud. If you want, you can access the NAS and its contents from a remote location, over the net. The Cloud Station app provides automatic backup of data from computing devices – you can sleep in peace knowing your data is safe, even if you forget to take an external backup. Continue reading “Synology 4-bay NAS DS415+ ~ Advantages & Limitations”

New Networking Products for Home & SMB (Dec. 23, ’15 – Jan. 20, ’16)

I will summarize the new networking products released/to be released by major brands over the last one month, in this post. These products were announced between Dec. 23, ’15 and Jan. 20, ’16. Some of them may not be available immediately – check for their availability and more details from the links provided below.

#1. Linksys introduces MAX-STREAM AC1900 Dual-Band MU-MIMO Gigabit Router EA7500: MU-MIMO; 1.4 GHz dual-core processor; 802.11ac; 1900 Mbps combined speeds; 4 x Gigabit ports. MSRP: $199.99 USD. More… Continue reading “New Networking Products for Home & SMB (Dec. 23, ’15 – Jan. 20, ’16)”