4-Bay NAS for Streaming Media: Synology DS415play

Synology DS415play is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that enables you to store photos, music, videos and other media in a centralized location at your home (without dedicating a computer) and share the contents with everyone connected to the LAN/Network. Simply put, the DS415play is a large hard-drive that connects to the network and streams media across your home. You can also use it for long-term storage and automatic backup of data and files. Continue reading

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Router – Advantages & Limitations

Securifi Almond Wireless Router/Range Extender:

The Securifi Almond wireless router and range extender allows you to set-up and maintain the router easily using a built-in 2.8″ touchscreen, instead of doing it using complex software that needs to be installed on computer/mobiles, as with most routers. Also, the Securifi Almond looks better than most routers. But are good looks, simple installation, and easy maintenance alone sufficient to buy a wireless router? Let’s look at important advantages and disadvantages of this model, in this post. Continue reading

MoCA Adapter: Use Coax Cables, Connect to Internet!

How to Connect MoCA Ethernet to Coax Adapter:

MoCA stands for Multimedia Over Coax Alliance that enables you to use existing coaxial cables (provided for Cable TV) to connect network devices to the LAN/Computer Network and access the Internet. A pair of MoCA adapters is all you need (at either end of the coax. junction box) to enable data, voice and video to be transported over the coaxial cable, instead of the regular Cat5/6 twisted pair network cable. MoCA enables one to use coaxial cables instead of network cables.

Why are MoCA adapters required?

Most homes have a network of coaxial cables running into major areas like living rooms, bedrooms, etc. These are provided for extending Cable TV connection, but today, the same coax cable can also carry data/Internet signals, along with Cable TV signals.

The best alternative would be to create a wired network using Cat5/6 cables and switches but that can get expensive (or) it may be difficult to create a new network/not possible to conceal the wires, in many houses. Wireless network is another alternative, but that has its own issues like interference, dropped connections, limited coverage area, etc. Powerline networking, that carries data signals over electrical power cables is another consideration, but that may not be the optimum technology to carry HD video and other bandwidth-intensive signals. Continue reading