Linksys 30xx Desktop/Rack Switches: 5,8,16,24 Ports

If you are looking for simple 5,8,16 or 24 port network switches, the Linksys 3000 Series desktop/rack-mountable switches with durable metallic chassis maybe a good choice. These switches are easy to install, simple to manage, offer gigabit speeds, priced moderately, and even offer 802.1p QoS feature that prioritizes voice & video traffic on your network. If you are looking to buy a new switch, have a look at this one.

A Sample Connectivity Architecture for Network Switches:


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Popular 8-Bay Storage Server: Synology 1815+ NAS

The Synology 1815+ is a popular 8-Bay NAS — centralized network attached storage device — for storage/backup of files and media in large homes and small businesses. It is a good replacement for public cloud storage as data is stored/backed-up securely and inexpensively within the home LAN. This NAS unit from Synology can be used as a full-fledged server as it supports a number of server applications including Virtual Machines.

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