Reduce your monthly phone bills with Ooma Telo VOIP service

Highlights of the Ooma Telo VOIP service:

  • Analog telephone adapter & VOIP subscription (for the first year) included
  • Make unlimited calls to US phone numbers and make inexpensive international calls, as it is a VOIP phone service
  • Connect the Ooma Telo device to high speed Internet, an analog phone and you are ready to make calls over the Internet

A video introduction to Ooma Telo VOIP service:


The Ooma Telo VOIP service is a good option if you want to save on recurring monthly telephone expenditure. It is especially useful for people who make a lot of calls and get huge monthly telephone bills. This service enables one to make unlimited phone calls within the United States (and inexpensive international calls) for a one-time yearly service charge and a small amount (every month) for taxes.

Of course, this is a VOIP service and hence all your calls go through the Internet. You no longer need the two-pair cable that comes from the telephone company but require a high speed Internet connection (like broadband), in order to use this service. You can use the Internet connection for both browsing and telephone, simultaneously.

You can connect this device – Ooma Telo, to the Internet using an RJ-45/Ethernet cable and an analog phone (could be a cordless phone too) using RJ-11 two pair cable. That’s it, you are ready to make/receive phone calls over the Internet. You can either retain your old phone number (for an additional price of $39.99) or get a new phone number.

The Ooma Telo supports caller ID, call waiting and 911 emergency calling. One needs to have a modem and router in order to connect this device to Internet. There is a personalized web-portal for each user where they can customize their call preferences, voice mail settings/retrieval, buy international call credits and view their call log (detailed statistics of all the calls made during a certain period).


  • Great choice for people who make a considerable amount of calls to US phone numbers/international numbers
  • Price works out better than other VOIP service providers, when volume calling is considered
  • If you are using land-line phone connection, the savings is even higher when this device/service is used instead
  • Computer/head set is not required. One can use their existing (inexpensive) analog phone/cordless phone to make VOIP calls
  • Calls can be encrypted over the Internet for additional security
  • A low cost land-line telephone connection can be connected to the device to be used as a back-up in case Internet connection is lost
  • The Ooma Telo device looks very beautiful, modern and is aesthetically designed
  • There are LED indicators to indicated line failure, call in progress, device status, etc
  • It Supports basic voice mail recording/retrieval and there is a button on the device to retrieve voice mails
  • It’s portable. One can take it (along with an analog phone) to a hotel, connect it to Internet and start making/receiving calls using the home phone number
  • There are a number of accessories and options that can extend its functionality (as mentioned below)


  • The quality of VOIP phone service is not as good as analog/POTS service, but considering the huge cost savings with VOIP (especially for high volume callers and international callers) and the latest advancements in compression/voice enhancement technologies, it should be fine
  • If the Internet is down, the phone line also won’t work. If the power supply is down, the Internet (and hence the phone) may not work because both of them need AC power. But, its not a problem if you are going to use it along with a UPS/Inverter
  • It is not possible to turn-off the voice mail temporarily, if you don’t need it. One can turn it off permanently though
  • You cannot use this device/service to send and receive faxes over the Internet

Optional Accessories/add-on:

  • By connecting the optional Ooma Telo bluetooth adapter to the USB port of the Ooma Telo, it is possible to pair the device with a cell phone (using bluetooth) and use the mobile phone to take and receive land-line calls. The advertised distance over which this is supposed to work, is 30 feet but actual distance may vary.
  • Instead of connecting the Ooma Telo to a router using a cable for accessing Internet, it is also possible to connect it to a Wi-Fi network (if a Wi-Fi router is present or if a Wi-Fi hot-spot is present) using the Ooma Telo wireless adapter. So, one can conveniently keep the phone and this device anywhere within the Wi-Fi coverage area.
  • You can connect your own cordless/DECT phone to the Ooma Telo, but Ooma Telo also has its own DECT handset – The Ooma Telo DECT 6.0 handset/cordless phone. This device is more useful if you plan to sign up for the Ooma Telo premier service as you can get the second line option (making/attending to two calls simultaneously) and other additional features like sending certain calls directly to voice mail, etc when used along with this Ooma Telo DECT phone.

Upgrade: It is possible for subscribers to upgrade to Ooma premier VOIP service. Among other things, users get two lines, three way conference, advanced voice mail options and the option to keep their existing phone number without paying anything extra.

Further Information: Further information about the Ooma Telo VOIP device, installation and trouble shooting, etc can be found on this (official) page.

Where to buy: If you live in the United States (US), you can buy the Ooma Telo from Amazon.

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