Best value Business Projector – Epson EX 5210/7210/3210 LCD Projectors

This review is for Epson EX5210 Business projector, but the other two projectors are very similar to this model except that the Epson EX3210 business projector supports only SVGA resolution, does not support HDMI (High-Definition standard) and the Epson EX7210 business projector supports WXGA resolution.

This projector is primarily targeted at business users (for making presentations, to be used in meeting rooms, etc), but the features available in this projector allow people to take it home and watch movies/play games on a large screen.

Video Introduction:

Important Features of Epson EX 5210 Business projector:

  • Brightness: 2800 Lumens
  • Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)
  • USB, HDMI ports
  • Horizontal + Vertical image correction
  • Zoom and Focus
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.6″ x 9″ x 3.1″
  • Model No: V11H429120
  • Contrast ratio: 3000:1
  • Included: Projector, Power cable, VGA cable, USB cable, Carry case, remote with two AA batteries, user manual (CD), quick start guide
  • Speaker: Inbuilt

More Information: Visit the manufacturers web-page for additional information and photos.


  • 2800 Lumens of brightness is sufficient even for fully-lit rooms
  • XGA resolution is good enough for projecting clear/crisp images from laptops
  • USB cable enables one to make a PC-free presentations. It is also possible to project from the laptop using the USB cable
  • The EX 5210 and 7210 projector models support the high quality High-Definition (HD) format
  • Horizontal image correction allows people to keep the projector slightly on the left/right side from the screen and automatic vertical correction is very useful because many people don’t use the manual vertical image correction
  • Light weight, portable, quiet operation
  • Inbuilt speakers with decent sound quality
  • This model has a good short throw range, meaning one can obtain larger images within a short distance from the screen
  • Remote control has wireless mouse functions and laser pointer


  • It is possible to play only jpeg/jpg images, when presenting from a thumb drive without a PC. PPT slides need to be converted into images before they can be played in this mode
  • Lamp life is limited, and varies depending on the mode of operation. Replacement lamps for projectors are expensive
  • Projectors can get hot, so it is better to mount them on the ceiling
  • The supplied carry case is thin and doesn’t have much padding
  • Images may get slightly blurred if both vertical and horizontal image corrections are used excessively


1. Universal Projector Ceiling Mount for Epson Projectors – A ceiling mount is a very useful accessory for a projector because it avoids the heat/clutter of the projector on the table. Your projector can be safely and permanently fixed on the ceiling and the cables can be brought around the walls, to below the table and routed through a small opening on the table to connect to laptops (You need a 12-15 meters VGA/HDMI cable along with the ceiling mount and a power source right next to the projector on the ceiling).

 2. Epson 80-inch Projector Screen – You don’t want to project on the walls of your meeting rooms, right? A projector screen is a must, especially the high-quality screen supplied by the manufacturer. Screens enhance the images and make them look clearer. You can adjust the size of the screen to project images with 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. You can mount the screen on the wall or keep it over a tripod stand, on the floor.

3. Epson DC-06 Document Camera – If you want to show a printed brochure or an object to everyone in the room, just keep it below this document camera and connect the document camera to the projector. The Epson DC-06 document camera supports XGA resolution, has a 90 degree tilt-able head which can project something written on a board in front of it.

4. Epson Projector Lamp (Spare) – Every projector has a lamp which actually projects the images and these high-brightness lamps have a certain rated capacity (5000 hours, for this projector). It is a good idea to carry a spare lamp, but even otherwise you can order one when the lamp change indicator indicates low-life.

5. HDMI cable (25 feet) – If you are going to connect any HD (High Definition) source to this projector, like BluRay player (for example) using HDMI ports, you’ll need a HDMI cable.

Where to buy: If you live in the United States (US), you can buy the Epson EX 5210 LCD projector from Amazon.

Other Options to consider:

1. Epson 7210 Wide-screen WXGA business projector

2. Epson 3210 SVGA business projector

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