Wireless Solar Keyboard – Logitech K750

We know about wireless keyboards, but wireless solar keyboards? Well, the Logitech K750 is a wireless solar keyboard for you! Generally, wireless keyboards require batteries and they may need to be changed/recharged regularly. But these solar keyboards work using over-head light and the sun-light that comes from windows. Add concave shaped keys, ultra-thin profile, programmable function keys, Wi-Fi and other nice keyboard features, you get the Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboard!

Video introduction to the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard:


Important features:

  • Solar powered keyboard that can be charged by any light source
  • 2.5 Ghz wireless operation
  • Tiny logitech wireless receiver for your PC (USB based)
  • Concave key cap design
  • 1/3 inch thick
  • Dimensions/Weight: 7.9″ x 1.4″ x 19.1″ / 2 pounds
  • 3-years limited hardware warranty
  • Integrated number pad
  • Programmable/enhanced function keys

Where to get more information: Logitech official web-page for K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard


  • No battery recharging/changing hassles. No need to frequently connect to the wired USB port for charging
  • Even your overhead room lights/study lamps can charge the keyboard
  • Works for up to 3 months in complete darkness, if required
  • Concave key cap design for comfortable, easy typing
  • Sleek construction, light weight
  • 128 bit encryption between the receiver and the keyboard to secure keystrokes sent over wireless
  • Works with windows based computers
  • There is a keyboard on-off switch, just in case you want to switch it off for a while
  • Separate keys for launching email/browser/calculator
  • Download solar app to see if enough light is available and the amount of charge contained in the keyboard
  • Comes with cardboard package (green) with fully recyclable materials
  • The wireless receiver works even in non-line of sight conditions


  • No back-lit keys, difficult to see in the dark
  • It is not ergonomic/wave shaped. There is no specially designed space for hand rest
  • No Caps Lock indicator light on the keyboard, but caps lock can be identified with a monitor indication that comes on the right hand bottom on the screen

Optional Accessories:

Since this keyboard is a part of Logitech unifying receiver technology, one can use the same receiver to connect a Logitech compatible wireless mouse to the computer. Try the Logitech Mouse M705 or Logitech Mouse M570.

Alternatives: Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard – K800.

Meant for/Applications: This wireless keyboard is meant for anyone who wants to reduce the clutter of cables on their desk, stop worrying about battery recharges, charging over wired USB cable and connect their keyboard wirelessly to a windows based computer (mainly). For high end gaming applications, one can look at a wired keyboard. For every other application, this keyboard is the perfect choice. Do your bit to make this earth a little greener by supporting solar technology.

Where to buy: If you live in the United States (US), you could buy the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 online from Amazon.


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