Digium Single Span 1-Port PRI/E1/T1/J1 Card in United States

The Digium single span/ single port PRI/E1/T1/J1 card can be inserted into a Computer/Server loaded with a VOIP soft-switch like Asterisk, Switchvox, Trixbox, etc. It is used to connect PRI Lines like T1 in the United States, J1 in Japan or E1 in rest of the world directly to the VOIP server/soft-switch, to enable anyone with an IP phone (registered to the soft-switch) make outgoing calls/attend incoming calls.

T1, J1 provides 24 channels (incoming/outgoing calls using a single line), E1 provides 30 channels. A single Digium single span/ single port PRI/E1/T1/J1 card supports all of them.

There are basically three popular models for Digium Single span/ 1-port cards:

1. 1TE121PF – Single port, PRI/E1/J1/T1, PCI Express 1.0 compatible half-length slot

2. 1TE121BF – Single port, PRI/E1/J1/T1, PCI Express 1.0 compatible half-length slot, With hardware echo cancellation module

3. 1TE122PF – Single port, PRI/E1/J1/T1, PCI 2.2 compatible slot (3.3V or 5V)

The Digium single span/ single port card can be used to connect one digital line (E1/T1/J1) to an IP telephony server. It occupies one PCI/PCI-Express slot, depending on the model selected. So, users need to consider their expansion capacity before buying this card. If they estimate to connect two or more PRI lines in the near future, higher capacity Digium cards (2-port, 4-port) are available for the same. But if their requirement is to connect only one PRI/T1 line, users can use this card by inserting it over a PCI/PCI-Express slot in their server/computer.

The second option (1TE121BF) includes a hardware echo cancellation module and it is highly recommended to use them in order to avoid/cancel out echo generated in the line (VOIP systems are susceptible to echo). Even if you choose to buy one card among the other two options, the echo cancellation module can still be added later on. It is possible to do echo cancellation in software, but that will consume additional server CPU resources.

Before buying one of these cards, check if your server PCI expansion slot is compatible with these cards. Also check the form factor of the server/available space to check if the cards can be comfortably placed inside them. Have a look at this Digium web-page for more technical information.

There are multiple applications for Digium cards. One can use it with their IP Telephony server/Soft-switch/IP PBX to connect the organization with the external world and facilitate incoming/outgoing land-line calls. Or, it can be used with stand-alone IVR servers, meet-me audio conference systems or as VOIP gateways. Both data and voice can be received by this card and channeled appropriately.

If you live in the United States (US), you can buy the Digium cards online from Amazon. You can check the best price for single span/ single port Digium cards from these Amazon pages – 1TE121PF, 1TE121BF, 1TE122PF.


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