Basic AV Projector Carts

A projector cart is a nice small cart to hold your projector (LCD projector or Slide projector) that comes with power supply points and a long power cord. Most projector carts support adjustable heights for placing the upper slab/shelf. It comes with wheels which enable one to freely move the whole cart, along with the projector, to a few locations around the class. With an AV projector cart, it is easy to place the projector and keep it at any distance from the screen/board without having to move desks and benches. A slab in the bottom can hold accessories like slides, files, etc.

The two AV projector carts shown above are basic light-weight models that are made of toughened/molded plastic. There are models that are made of metal, but they are heavier. With models like these, the height at which projectors can be placed can be adjusted. The upper slab can be fixed at a height of 16″, 26″, 34″ and 42″. Height adjustment is simple enough but it cannot be done instantly.

The projector carts come with power supplies (3 points) and a long power cord (15′) in order to enable one to move the cart freely till that distance. While the 15′ might be sufficient for even large classes, do check on whether it will be sufficient if you are going to use it in a large auditorium. One can also use extension boxes increase the length of the power cord. The power cord can be neatly folded and arranged on the side provision in the upper slab.

The slabs are 24″ x 18″ (l x b). Hence it is better to check if the projector is small enough to fit within that space. Most of them will fit. Since the cart is made of molded plastic, there is no rusting or dusting. But then, even though it is tough, plastic is not as durable as metal. These carts are not assembled while shipping but it is very simple to assemble them even without any guide/manual.

If you are not ceiling mounting your projector and if you are not using motorized ceiling mounts, this maybe the next best option. As you know, projectors emit a lot of heat and hence keeping them on the table or desk where people might work may not be a good idea. Having a separate AV projector cart that can be moved at will, is an excellent way to manage your projector and presentation.

You can buy these projector carts in the US (from Amazon) from following links,

Luxor LPDUOE Multi-Height 16″- 42″ AV Projector Cart with Electric
Buhl Plastic AV Cart Adjustable from 16″ to 42″

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