Thecus N4100 EVO 4-bay NAS Server for home (Diskless)

Video Introduction for N4100 EVO by Thecus:

Striking Advantages of the Thecus N4100 EVO (Diskless) NAS Server:

  • The 4-bays of this Thecus N4100 EVO NAS server can accommodate 4 hard-drives. Today, one can achieve a total capacity of 12 TB using 4 x 3 TB disk drives, but when 4 TB disk-drives are available, they are expected to be supported as well.
  • 3.5″ HDD, 2.5″ HDD and Solid State Disk-drives are all supported.
  • The Thecus N4100 EVO is a DLNA compliant media server. That means, you can store media (audio, video) in this server and stream it to any DLNA compatible device (monitors, laptops, computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.).
  • This NAS server comes with an advanced backup software that can enable you to do remote backup, sync, scheduled backup, among others.
  • The Thecus N4100 EVO supports RAID 5 that requires three disks and one spare that can automatically rebuild when one of the disks fail. RAID 5 is a good option for a 4-disk NAS server.
  • The Dual-Core Cavium CPU offers decent power for quick operation under high-load conditions.
  • There is a separate chip/integrated RAID accelerator for speeding up RAID building and reconstruction. RAID processes can take even days, at times.
  • This NAS box supports auto-power on/off during certain times of the day, based on user-settings. Thecus claims that it can save a lot of power (if the user is going to use the feature).
  • Apart from the 4-bays inside the NAS server, there are two USB ports for data back up from/to two more external hard drives.
  • It supports the latest SATA III & iSCSI storage standards. Users who know about block-level storage/retrieval can use iSCSI targets with Microsoft, Mac OS X, Linux initiators.
  • The metal casing gives a sturdy and durable finishing.
  • The Thecus N4100 EVO NAS server supports DDNS (for remotely accessing files/media using an easily recognizable name) and hot-swap (for inserting and removing disks without having to remove them).
  • Performance: Read: 54.33 MB/sec, Write: 22.4 MB/sec.
  • The front LCD screen makes it easy to operate and the two gigabit ethernet ports gives high-speed connectivity to the LAN.
  • There are screws to remove the device from behind for maintenance, servicing, etc.

Striking Limitations of Thecus N4100 EVO NAS server:

  • This device supports only two iSCSI targets and two IP cameras.
  • Hot-spare is not supported.
  • EXT3, EXT4 file systems not supported.
  • Doesn’t support stacking, load-balancing or fail-over with other similar devices, even from the same company. Basically, it’s meant to be used as a stand-alone appliance.
  • Does not support Wake On LAN.
  • Only JBOD, RAID 0,1 and 5 supported. Other RAID levels are not supported.

You can download the list of compatible hard-disk drives from here. Check if you have the latest firmware, if not you can upgrade from here. The user manual and other information is also available in the previously linked vendor page.

Accessories for Thecus N4100 EVO (hard-disk drives):

Seagate ST2000DM001 Barracuda 7200RPM 2 TB SATA 6 GB/s NCQ 64 MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (2 TB Hard drive)

Seagate Barracuda 7200 3 TB 7200RPM SATA 6 Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive ST3000DM001 (3 TB Hard drive)

Where to buy: If you live in the US, you can check the latest price/buy the Thecus N4100 EVO 4-bay NAS server for home (diskless) from Amazon through the below link.

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