You can strip, cut & crimp RJ-45/11 cables using this tool from TRENDnet

A short video explaining the stripping, cutting & crimping process for RJ-45 Cables:

The above embedded video does not use the TRENDnet crimping tool, but it offers a good introduction to stripping, cutting and crimping RJ-45 Cat 5E/6 cables to an RJ-45/network jack using the all-in-one crimping tool. Have a look at it to get an idea about this tool, if you have not used it before.

TRENDnet TC-CT68 Cut/Strip/Crimp Tool:


  • Cut + Crimp + Strip
  • RJ-45 (Cat 5E, 6) Cables & RJ-11 Cables
  • All steel construction – Feels heavy and is durable
  • Mechanism to lock the tool in one position when not in use
  • Sharp blade, easy to cut
  • For both left-handed and right-handed operation
  • Weight: 11.2 Ounces
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

While cutting the cable is fairly straight-forward, stripping it (removing only the outer envelope for certain length) might be slightly difficult, initially. The issue is, users might apply some extra pressure (than what is required) while holding the cables to strip and hence they may cut through the cable inadvertently. Some cable might be lost while ‘practicing’ and hence it is suggested to buy some extra cable-length! For experienced users, this should not be an issue.

Frankly, if you get factory crimped patch cords for all your cabling needs, that might be the best option. Or at least try to get as many pre-crimped patch cords as possible. For the remaining cables, you can cut from a cable bundle and use this tool to attach both their ends to the network jacks, which can be attached to computers, networks switches, modem, etc. Factory crimped cables are more reliable and the chances for errors/wrong-connections is very minimum with them. One can also expect a longer life from them.

Use the color scheme mentioned here (for straight-through cables) or the above Youtube video to arrange your 4-pairs of wires (that you get after stripping) in a certain order. This is a very important step to follow before you start crimping as the performance/working of the cable depends on the right arrangement of the cables. It is recommended that you test the signal of a hand-crimped cable using a cable tester before using it for practical applications.

Additional accessories to consider while buying the cut/strip/crimp tool:

1. TRENDnet Cable Tester 10/100 COAX and TP ( TC-NT2 )

2. Belkin RJ45 Plug (10-Pack)

3. Network/Ethernet Cat6 RJ-45 Cables

Where to buy: If you live in the United States, you can buy the TRENDnet TC-CT68 cut/strip/crimp tool from Amazon.

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