A POE+ Injector (Single Port) from Transition Networks (L1000i-at)

POE+ or IEEE 802.11at is the latest POE (Power Over Ethernet) Standard that provides electric power of up to 25.5 W to various POE+ compliant network devices, along with data. That means, a single cable (Ethernet cable – Cat 5E/6 cable) will be sufficient to provide both power and data to POE+ compliant devices like 802.11n dual-radio, 802.11ac Access points; IP Video Phones, IP PTZ/Outdoor Surveillance cameras, etc. If POE+ Switch is used to connect a POE+ network device using a Cat 5E/6 cable, there is no need to power the network device using a separate power adapter.

POE+ is the latest POE standard supported by IEEE and hence it is compatible in multi-vendor network scenario. A single port POE+ Injector is convenient and cost-effective if you have only a few devices that need POE+ power (1 or 2). If you have multiple devices (up to 8), you can use POE+ Switches instead. The best thing about the POE+ injector is, it can be powered using the power supply in the rack. Hence, you don’t require a separate power supply/AC wiring to the network device.

For example, if you want to install a dome-based PTZ IP Camera, there is a good chance that a power supply may not be available at the location where you want to install it. Instead of installing new electrical wires/plug-points, it is easier and simpler to install the POE+ injector in the rack (near a network switch) and power it up using the rack-power supply. You need to connect one end of the data port coming from the switch port to the Data In port of the POE+ Injector and connect the Data Out port to the network device supporting POE+. In both cases, you just use a normal Ethernet/Network cable (Cat 5E/6) to carry data and power.

With a POE+ injector, you can add electrical power to only those ports in your existing switch that needs it. There is no other change (like replacing an old switch with a newer one) required in your network. Generally they are placed above the switches inside a rack but it’s better to have a separate plate on the rack that can hold these POE+ injectors. Buying a POE+ injector instead of POE injector will future-proof your network, as you can connect it to any device that supports POE+ in the future. Of course, there might be a small incremental cost, but since the POE+ standard is backwards compatible with POE, it can be used to provide both POE+  (25.5W) power and POE (12.95 W) power.

Transition Networks L1000i-at POE+ Injector Important Specifications:

  • POE (IEEE 802.3af, 12.95W), POE+ (IEEE 802.3at, 25.5W)
  • Cable: Cat 5E or above for 1000 BASE-T
  • Single Port POE+ Injector: 1 x Data In, 1 x Data Out
  • AC Input Voltage (100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 0.72 A)
  • W x D x H: 2.65″ x 5.51″ x 1.42″; 454 grams
  • Lifetime Warranty

Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page.

Where to buy: In the US, you can buy the Transition Networks L1000i-at online from Amazon.


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