Hp POE+ Network Switches for Small/Medium Businesses (SMB)

Hp, as you know, is a leader and the preferred choice for network switches for small/medium businesses and large enterprise companies. POE+ is the latest standard for Power Over Ethernet that can provide up to 25.5 W of power (per port). This could be useful to power certain network devices like IP PTZ Cameras, Dual-band n/ac Access Points, etc. using just the Cat 5E/6 UTP cables. Many network devices are expected to be introduced in the future that may require the higher power provided by POE+.

In this article let us look at two network switches from the Hp 1910 Series (1910-8G-POE+ 65W Switch JG349A & 1910-8G-POE+ 180W Switch JG350A) that support this latest POE+ standard and are targeted to be used as edge switches in small/medium businesses. In a nutshell, these two 8-Port switches are affordable, come from an industry leader, follow open standards, come with an awesome support policy (Free 8×5 support, lifetime hardware warranty) and future-proof (support the latest POE+ technology).

You can have a look at the general features, specifications for these two switches from the manufacturer’s web-page.

Striking advantages of Hp 1910-8G-POE+ 65W Switch JG349A & Hp 1910-8G-POE+ 180W Switch JG350A:

  • These two switches support POE+ standard for a certain number of ports (65W, 180W capacity, respectively).
  • They are both rack-mountable, come in 19″ form factor.
  • These two switches have 8 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit ports and in addition to that, they also have an SFP port (mini-Gbic) that can support one 1G fiber connection or copper connection (with suitable adapters).
  • 16 Gbps switching/routing capacity provides line-speed/non-blocking performance.
  • These two Hp switches come with lifetime warranty and next business day hardware replacement. 8×5 direct support from vendor is also included.
  • These two switches support green features like power shutdown when the switch is idle, power shutdown based on the time of the day and variable speed fans (for conserving energy). They also support the latest IEEE Energy Efficient Ethernet standard that enables additional power savings.
  • Up to thirty two 1910 series switches can be simultaneously managed using a single web-interface (single IP address management).
  • They support automatic VLAN assignment to users based on their identity and factors like time of the day, location, etc. The switches also support automatic voice VLAN assignment if VOIP devices/connections are detected.
  • They support basic routing functionality (up to 36 static routes and eight virtual VLAN interfaces).
  • The Hp 1910 series switches support managed switch functionalities like VLAN, Link Aggregation, LACP, Spanning Tree Protocols (STP, RSTP, MSTP), IGMP Snooping (multicast filtering), cable diagnostics, up to 10 KB jumbo frames, switch access logs, per port rate limiting, broadcast control, 802.1p COS, etc.
  • These switches support security features like DOS attack throttling, SSL, 802.1x & RADIUS network login, https based web-interface for secure access, limited CLI access, etc.
  • Multiple privilege levels can be set for restricted low-level admin/management access and command execution.

If you are in the United States (USA), you can buy these switches online from Amazon. Click here to know the latest price/availability for Hp 1910-8G-POE+ 65W Switch JG349A and click here to know the price/availability of Hp 1910-8G-POE+ 180W Switch JG350A.

If you are looking at a slightly higher capacity POE+ switch from Hp, you can consider this 24 Port 10/100/1000 Mbps switch in the Hp 2910 series. This switch has twenty 10/100/1000 Mbps ports and up to four (optional) 10 GE ports.


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