Faking a Surveillance System? You need – Dummy Cameras, Signboards, LED Spotlights

The main idea of installing a surveillance system is to deter thieves and keep them away from our property. Of course, it would be better to install real IP surveillance cameras for many applications but in certain applications, dummy surveillance cameras, signboards and motion sensing LED spotlight might just be enough for the job. Let us take a deeper look at the individual components below.

Dummy IP Surveillance Cameras:

A dummy IP surveillance camera is just that – A dummy. The dome and the indicator lights look just like original, but this dummy camera cannot take any pictures/video! Shhhhhhh…. Thieves do not know that and don’t tell your neighbors, friends or everyone else! Of course, don’t tell your wife. In fact, only you should know that your camera is a dummy. If these guidelines are followed and you fix this dummy camera in a prominent location outside your garage or house or warehouse, people are bound to think that there is a surveillance system in place. Thieves generally prefer easy targets and there is a good chance that they will avoid your house thinking that you have installed an electronic security surveillance system.

Why not just fix a real IP surveillance camera? Well, outdoor dome-type weather resistant IP surveillance cameras are quite expensive. These cameras need to be powered 24×7 and should be connected to a network switch, which needs power too. You need to keep monitoring all alarms (including false alarms) and you need a lot of (digital) space to store the video footage. If you think your property is worth all this hassle, please go ahead and install real surveillance cameras. Real cameras would be very helpful in locating intruders, in case of any burglary.

But many property owners would just want to deter intruders/trespassers. For this purpose, a few of these dummy surveillance cameras installed at strategically ‘visible’ locations might just be enough do the job. Besides, the blinking light from this dummy camera (powered by batteries) makes it look like a real ‘working’ camera. The blinking light is quite visible in the nights when maximum number of burglary attempts are (generally) made. It is not a bad idea to install these dummy cameras along with some real cameras, if the campus is very big.

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Signboard – ‘Premises protected by 24-hour video surveillance’ warning signboard:

Well, what’s the point of having dummy (or real) surveillance systems/cameras in your property as long as no one knows about it? That’s why, irrespective of whether you have any surveillance system or not, you should definitely have some visible warning signboards at multiple places around your property like gates, outside compound walls, etc. It helps if these signboards are accompanied with visible actual or dummy surveillance cameras and maybe enough to keep intruders away.

People can also make such name boards by themselves, but these signboards are made of weather proof materials (plastic) and the writing is done using weather proof ink. Hence, once it is fixed in external locations, people can forget about them for a few years. Better, put it right next to the ‘Beware of Dogs’ sign!

Where to buy: From Amazon (In USA)

Automatic Spotlights with Motion Sensing:

The automatic spotlight with motion sensing could very well have applications outside surveillance/warning off unwanted visitors. For one, it could be used in the storage room/garage to automatically illuminate the place when people enter. But the application that we are discussing now is surveillance. Rather, warning systems.

If you fix this light just above the dummy camera, even if people fail to notice the camera/warning sign, they’ll definitely freak out if they find a light glaring right at them, just as they approach the door/gate.

This automatic spotlight has a range of up to 30 feet, is sensitive and can light up when there is any movement within the specified area. Obviously, it should not be put up in places where there might be regular movement of people. The long-lasting LED lights in them are rated at 140 Lumens (brightness), which is not bad for a small warning spotlight. Besides, this spotlight is mobile and uses batteries (no cables). Hence, it can be fixed anywhere without any hassles of electrical cabling and its location could be changed later on, if required.

It’s weather proof (to a certain extent) and it has the LED has a life of 50,000 hours. You can expect the batteries to last longer because the light will be working only when there is any motion in its view. If you fix it just outside your door, it will work only when someone visits your house. How many times in a day is that going to be? Also, it will switch off 30 seconds after that person/movement is gone. People also focus this light on the door so that the keyhole will be visible when the leave/enter their house.

This light can be used for both indoor and (limited range) outdoor applications. It can also be used along with a real surveillance camera in order to increase the brightness levels (to get clearer video footage) and along with cameras that do not have night vision. The camera has a sensor that checks for sunset/detects whether the ambient brightness is dark, before starting its operation. And best of all, it is available at a very attractive price.

Where to buy: From Amazon (In the United States).


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