Single Port (1-Port) Gigabit POE Injector – Options

POE (Power Over Ethernet) injectors are useful in a variety of installation scenarios as they can enable a single cable (Cat 5E/6 UTP cables) to carry both power and data. It is quite difficult to install power points near certain network equipment like IP Cameras, Access Points, IP phones, etc. The data cables have to connect to them anyway, so why not use it to carry both data and power on the same cable? In certain situations, POE injectors can save some installations costs, as well. Of course, POE injectors may not be useful if you are using wireless devices (like wireless IP cameras, etc) as Ethernet cables don’t connect to them.

One can buy a POE switch, but POE switches are generally quite expensive. It is better/more economical to buy POE switches when most of the ports in the switch are used for POE connections. Otherwise, it maybe a better idea to buy single-port (1-port) POE injectors and connect only those switch ports that require POE, to it.

The connection is made like this: The network cable from the switch connects to one port of the POE injector (RJ-45) and the other port connects to a network device that can be powered using POE (over a maximum distance of 100 meters). Both these connections are made using Cat 5E/6 UTP cables.

POE injectors eliminate the need for a power adapter/power point only for the network device, but the POE injectors themselves need a power connection. For this reason, POE injectors are generally placed in the rack containing the network switch/router as power supply is usually available in the rack.

There are two things one needs to be aware of, while buying a POE injector – 1. Some POE injectors support Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) connections only, but others support Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbps) connections. All the POE injectors presented in this article support 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit connections. 2. POE injectors support a variety of Wattage levels from 15W to 60W. The popular Wattage levels supported by POE injectors are around 15W (802.11af), 30W (802.11at). Please check the power requirement for the device you intend to connect, before buying a POE injector.

In this article, I have presented a few branded single-port/1-port POE injectors from companies that specialize in making them. But do remember that any electronic component is prone to failure and you are introducing one more point of probable-failure in your network.

1. TP-Link TL-POE150S POE Injector

  • Max power: 15.4 W (802.3af)
  • Max distance: 100 meters
  • Plug and Play
  • Gigabit data-speed support
  • LED indicator for PWR
  • Auto negotiates power requirements with PD
  • 1-port Input & 1-port Output (RJ-45)
  • Power supply: External power adapter

Further Information: Manufacturer’s Web-page. Buy from: Amazon.

2. TRENDnet TPE-113GI POE Injector

  • Max Power: Up to 15.4W (802.3af)
  • Max Distance: 100 meters
  • Gigabit data-connectivity support
  • LED power indication
  • Plug and Play
  • 3-year Warranty
  • 1-Input port, 1-Output port (RJ-45)
  • Power supply: External power adapter

Further information: Manufacturer’s web-page. Buy from: Amazon.

3. Microsemi PowerDsine 3501G POE Injector

  • Max Power: 15.4W (802.3af)
  • Max Distance: 100 meters
  • Gigabit Data connectivity support
  • Indicator: Power (Green)
  • Plug & Play
  • 1-Input port & 1-Output port
  • Stackable & Compact
  • 1-Year Warranty

Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page. Buy from: Amazon.

4. Microsemi PowerDsine 9001GO Midspan POE Injector

  • Max Power: 30W (802. 3af, 802.3at)
  • Max Distance: 100 meters
  • Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps (Gigabit) data rates
  • Outdoor rated: IP66
  • Internal surge protection for AC and POE ports
  • Plug & Play
  • 1-Port Input, 1-Port Output (RJ-45), Power port

Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page. Buy from: Amazon.

5. Microsemi PowerDsine 9001G-40/SP POE Injector

  • Max Power: 40W in 2-pairs (IEEE 802.3at, 802.3af)
  • Surge Protection (SP) according to GR 1089
  • Max Distance: 100 meters
  • Gigabit support
  • Plug & Play
  • 1-Port input, 1-Port Output (RJ-45), Power port

Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page. Buy from: Amazon.

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