For Home Network: Cisco SE2500/2800 Gigabit, Low-cost, Branded Network Switches (5/8 Ports)

If you want to create a home network or if you want to expand your existing home network to include more devices, a network switch is inevitable. If you are looking at a low-cost, high-speed (gigabit ports) and branded/quality 5-port/8-port network switches, you have come to the right place! In this article, let us take a deeper look at the Cisco SE 2500/2800 Gigabit, Low-cost network switches that offer 5-ports and 8-ports, respectively.

You might be aware that Cisco is a very popular enterprise networking company. Most of the high-end Internet routers are manufactured by them. Many large companies employ Cisco switches/routers to create their networks because of their reliability. After acquiring Linksys, Cisco also caters to the home networking segment, now.

Highlights of Cisco SE2500/2800 Network Switch:

  • No. of Ports – 5-Port (SE2500), 8-Port (SE2800)
  • Supports High-speed – Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) connectivity
  • Auto sensing ports – Can automatically negotiate 10/100/1000 Mbps connections based on the capability of the devices connecting to them
  • Unmanaged switch – Plug & Play. No software, configuration or drivers required – Simple installation and maintenance
  • Supports basic QoS – Quality of Service feature to enable better performance for voice, video, gaming and other real-time applications (a feature only offered in smart/managed switches in other brands)
  • Power saving features – Automatically powers off unused ports, goes to sleep/standby mode in case no device is connected to it, automatically reduces the amount of power consumed based on parameters like the length of the cable, etc
  • Indication – LED lights indicate port status and there is a switch to enable/disable these lights
  • Size/looks – Smaller than most network switches in the market (occupies less space), looks sleek and beautiful (adds to the decor of your home)
  • Heat – This switch does not get heated up unlike many other network switches in the market
  • Included – Switch, Power adapter, Quick start guide

Further Information/Specifications: Refer to the manufacturer’s web-page for Cisco SE2500/2800.

Please note:

  1. This is a network switch and not a modem/router. You are expected to have a separate modem/router to terminate the Internet connection from your ISP. You can connect the modem/router to any port of this switch.
  2. One port of this switch will be connected to modem/router, if you want the attached devices to get Internet connectivity. You can use the remaining 4/7 ports to connect to any network device like PC, Laptop, Printer, NAS box, Gaming Console, HDTV, etc.
  3. You can share one Internet connection with multiple network devices using a switch.
  4. You can also use the switch ports on the modem/router to connect other devices, but often they may not offer enough ports. To expand the network, you can connect this switch to the router and connect more devices. Also, dedicated switches often give better performance over routers+switch combos.
  5. This is an unmanaged switch. You cannot do things like sub-dividing the network (VLAN), combining multiple links  (Link-Aggregation), etc. that you can do in more advanced (managed) switches. An unmanaged switch should be sufficient for most home networks, unless your home network is too large/contains too many devices.
  6. Wired network has many advantages over a wireless network.
  7. You can connect this switch to other switches/routers to increase the capacity of your home network. But don’t connect too many unmanaged switches together, as that might reduce the performance.
  8. It’s better to use Cat 6 cables, for best performance.

Limitations of Cisco SE2500/2800 Network Switches:

  • Though they are small, you cannot stack multiple switches (one on the top of the other). This is not a rack-mountable switch. You need to keep it on a desk or arrange your own wall mount brackets to place it on the wall.
  • Depending on how you place the switch, the LED lights might be visible only from the back side of the switch and that might make it slightly difficult to see the status of individual ports.
  • You cannot directly plug-in the Internet connection from an ISP. This is a switch, not a modem/router. In most cases, you will need an additional modem/router.

Below you can see an unboxing video of this switch (and get tempted 🙂 )


Where to buy: If you live in the United States (US), you can buy these switches from Amazon. Click here to see/buy the latest price of the 5-port Switch (Cisco SE2500) and click here to see/buy the latest price of the 8-port Switch (Cisco SE2800).

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