Mobile battery-powered POE Injector to power IP Cameras and AP’s for temporary applications

The Veracity Pointsource battery-powered POE-Injector can be used to power IP cameras and Wireless Access Points for temporary applications like,

  • On-site installation/configuration, even a power source/POE is not yet available at the exact location of installation
  • Site surveys, customer demonstrations and pre-installation trials (at various locations, before fixing the cable locations and wiring up the premises)
  • Mobile/temporary applications

Since a lot of network devices (like IP cameras, IP phones, Wireless access points, etc.) support POE, we have increasingly started using such devices. POE, as you may know, is the feature that allows Cat 5E/6 network cables to carry both data and power, so that separate power adapters may not be required to power up network-based devices.

But, during many situations (like the ones mentioned above), we might want to work using such POE-enabled devices temporarily, but not have a power point right next to us. In such cases, a battery-powered POE injector like the Veracity Pointsource might be very useful.

Using a battery-powered POE injector, users/installers can plug-in the POE-powered device to this unit using the provided patch cord, and connect their laptop/PC using another patch cord and complete the installation on-site, irrespective of whether power is available (yet) in that location or not. For people involved in the installation of IP cameras and wireless access points, this unit could end up saving a lot of time/efforts.

The battery-powered POE injector also allows access points/IP cameras to be tested from various locations, before hard-wiring the premises. If you are an installer, you will be in a position to appreciate the usefulness of a device like this.

You can get more information about this device from Veracity’s web-page for the same. Do note that the rechargeable batteries inside this unit may last for one full day (based on usage) and the batteries have to be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on how frequently/infrequently the device has been used. The device can be used only with Veracity’s own batteries and generic batteries may not be compatible with it.

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