POE Ethernet Extender – Extend your Network without (additional)Switches/Power supply

There are situations when you might want to connect a network device to the nearest network switch using Cat5E/6 cables, but you find that the distance between the switch and the network device is well over the supported 100 meters. In such situations, what do you do? In most situations, you might just install a small switch in-between in order to extend the network, right? Frankly, the cost of network switches have come down drastically these days and hence the above method is not a bad idea. But the issue with such an approach is, you need a power supply wherever you want to install that additional switch.

You can also look at wireless connectivity (by connecting an access point at the end of the cable), but the device to be connected need to support Wi-Fi. Besides, the access point cost/wi-fi adapter cost, adds up.

Alternatively, you can also extend a wired network using a POE Ethernet Extender, like the Veracity Outreach Max. The best thing about using these devices is, you don’t need a separate power supply at the location where you place them in order to extend the network cable.

But, there is something that you do need – POE connection. As you know, POE (Power Over Ethernet) is a technology that enables Ethernet/Network cables to carry power as well as data. It’s been standardized with IEEE 802.3af. So, the point/port to which the Veracity Outreach devices connect need to be POE enabled and should be able to supply power. If POE switches are not available, you can use a single-port POE injector, just for that one port, as well.

So the connection looks like this: Network switch (with POE)—–100 meters—–>Outreach Max Ethernet Extender—–100 meters—–>Network Device (Non-POE or POE-enabled)

Do you know something else? You can use multiple such POE Ethernet Extenders (in series) one after the other for every 100 meters to extend the network even further. All the intermediate points where you place the Outreach Max do not need their own power supply, provided the network switch port (to which the first device connects to) provides POE. The network device that connects at the end can be a Non-POE device or a POE device. In case it is a POE-enabled device, there is no need for a separate power supply to power it.

So, you get to extend the network as long as you want and you don’t need to power the network device, if it supports POE. You can very well imagine the applications of such a device.

Price (USD)/Buy From (USA): Amazon.

More information: Manufacturer’s web-page for Veracity Outreach Max.

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