Veracity LONGSPAN – Extend Network connections much beyond 100m, with POE!

Veracity has released a new network/cable extender product called Veracity LONGSPAN. Though this product is targeted at IP cameras, it can be used for lot more applications that require a network connection beyond 100 meters using copper UTP (Cat 6) cables. As you might already know, copper UTP cables have a limit of 100m length. Hence, the length of the cable between a switch port and the connected network device can be 100m (max). This may differ, based on the brand, usage conditions, etc. Veracity LONGSPAN is designed to overcome this limitation.

Have a look at the network/cable extender product offering (according to the manufacturer):

  • Data range: 100 Mbps, up to 820m (using Cat 6 cable) or 690m (using Cat 5 cable)
  • Data+POE: 15W – Up to 700m using Cat 6 cable and 802.11at POE+ Switch/Injector, up to 550m using Cat 5E cable and 802.11at POE+ Switch/Injector

There are multiple models and each support different configurations. You can get more details by visiting the Veracity web-page for LONGSPAN.

There could be two (possible) limitations to this product – Nothing is mentioned in the web-page on Gigabit Ethernet support and in most situations, that may not be required as well. But if Gigabit Ethernet is supported, users might want to use the copper UTP cables to connect two network switches/backbone network connectivity, instead of the expensive Optical Fiber Cables and their terminations. The second limitation might be the price. But since the product is not available in Amazon, the pricing is not yet clear. According to their website, the product is expected to be available commercially by the month of December 2012. So, lets wait for some more time and I will update this page when the product is available in

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