Low-cost, Portable Business Projectors from Epson: VS210, VS310 (Less than $400)

Epson VS210 3LCD Projector

Advantages of Epson VS210 3LCD Projector

  • Brightness: 2600 Lumens. That is a lot of brightness and this projector can be used with lights-on, in any room. 2600 Lumens of brightness should be sufficient even for a fairly large auditorium!
  • USB plug & play: While you normally use the VGA output port from the PC/Laptop to connect the projector, you can also use the USB port, with the Epson VS210 projector. USB cable carries both audio & video and the operation is pretty much plug and play.
  • 3-Chip/3-LCD: The 3-Chip/3-LCD technology used in this projector gives much better color reproduction (than DLP projectors) and better clarity (than normal LCD projector).
  • Long lamp life: Lamp is the consumable in any projector and this projector has a long lamp-life of 5000 hours (eco-mode), 4000 hours (normal-mode).
  • Instant On/Off: There is no need to wait once you switch-on or switch-off your projector. You can just start projecting from your computer, provided your OS boots faster than this one!
  • Excellent price-performance ratio: Can a branded, good-quality, portable, business projector at this brightness level be sold at such a low price? The value offered by this Epson VS210 projector (in terms of cost/performance) is simply unbeatable. You get a cheap, affordable, low-cost, good-quality projector and there is no way you’ll regret this purchase.
  • Color brightness/White brightness: Both color brightness and white brightness are the same (2600 lumens) and hence the quality of images, color reproduction and picture clarity is excellent.
  • Remote control included: Every projector comes with a remote control these days, but this projector has a remote that can not only perform projector functions, but can also double up as a wireless mouse! You can use the projector remote to  do computer functions like moving to the next slide, previous slide, open a presentation, etc. Getting a free wireless mouse for a projector of this cost, is a steal!
  • Compact/Light-weight: If you want to take your projector around, it should be compact and light-weight, right? This projector is both. Well, reasonably so. At 5.1 pounds and 11.6″x9″x3.1″ dimensions, the projector has a small footprint and is easy to carry.
  • Built-in audio: The 1W speaker built-into this projector isn’t exactly a home theatre, but is sufficient for emergency applications.
  • No need to buy a separate home-theatre projector: If you buy this projector, you can watch movies with it (the resolution is higher than standard DVD resolution) occasionally, and use it to play games. But if you want a HDMI connectivity and High Definition quality, this projector may not be for you. Either way, you can use the projector to enjoy a movie every week, if you want.
  • Huge screen-size: This projector supports projecting images that are 23″-350″ (0.87m-10.5m) diagonal. As you can imagine, the achievable screen-size is very huge! You can very much project it to cover an entire wall in your room (if you have a fairly long room)! But do remember that the quality of images decreases slightly with increasing screen sizes.
  • Secure access: There is a password protected start-up mode which ensures that only you use the projector. You can also physically lock the projector (to a rod or the seat, for example) when you are moving on a train/bus. It’s a very useful feature for traveling professionals.

Limitations of Epson VS210 3LCD Projector

  • SVGA Resolution. Computer monitors come in high resolutions these days and hence SVGA resolution might limit the clarity of the pictures you project on-screen. If your presentation displays small characters in spreadsheets, etc. frequently, you may need to: Either buy an XGA projector or Adjust your (monitor) screen resolution to SVGA before projecting. But this projector supports (can display) higher resolution displays.
  • Lamp warranty. This is a common issue for projectors of any make, as most projectors come with a lamp-warranty of 90 days only! Projector lamps cost quite high. With a low-cost projector like this, the risk is lower anyway. Also know that projector brightness decreases with increase in usage/lamp-life. Again, for any projector.
  • No HDMI connection. For this price, you cannot expect everything, can you?

Tips for using Epson VS210 3LCD Projector

  • Set the lamp to ‘eco’ mode. For longer lamp-life, set the projector lamp to operate in the eco-mode. Don’t worry about the brightness, you’ll still have ample brightness to use it even in open/lighted rooms.
  • Adjust your monitor resolution. Adjust your computer monitor resolution to SVGA(preferable)/XGA for best picture clarity.
  • Use a screen. Yes, project it over a white-screen made for projectors for best image output. You can also project the image over a (light-colored) wall, but using a screen gives you a better clarity.
  • Use a smaller VGA Cable. If you are not ceiling mounting the projector, use the smaller VGA cable provided with the projector, for best clarity. Also, try to use VGA cable for video as a USB cable may not be able to display video in some situations.
  • Ceiling mount. You can also ceiling mount this projector for permanent fixing and for avoiding the heat (for participants sitting on the table). But that limits its portability. You cannot instantly take the projector out from a ceiling mount and run for a presentation!
  • Use Freeze, A/V Mute functions in the remote. Surprise people by freezing the screen to the current slide when you open another presentation or make changes! You can also totally mute (block) the presentation with A/V mute, without having to switch off the projector to use the white board (if the board/projecting surface is the same). Learn and use remote control functions. It comes in handy and people will think that you are knowledgeable!

Specifications and more info: Manufacturer’s web-page for VS210.

Price (USD)/Buy from (US): Amazon.

Epson VS310 3LCD Projector

The Epson VS310 3LCD projector is the same as Epson VS210 3LCD projector except a few differences, including –

  • XGA Resolution (1024 x 768) –Well, the resolution of a projector matters a lot. If you have the extra money to spend, it maybe a better idea to buy the XGA projector instead of an SVGA one, just for this reason. Computer monitor resolutions aren’t going to get any lesser in the future. Hence, if you need to project graphic-intensive images/small-text, XGA projector might be a better option.
  • Screen size –30″ to 300″. Well, don’t worry much about this point. You’re never going to use the extreme projector screen-sizes, anyway.
  • Optical Zoom (manual) – Manual optical zoom (1.0 : 1.2) is available in this projector. It maybe useful in a few situations where you don’t want to move the projector around but want to make small changes to the screen-size.

Further Information/Specifications: Manufacturer’s web-page for VS310.

Price (USD)/Buy from (USA): Amazon.

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