11.6″ Laptop/Notebook – Is this size catching up?

Let’s face certain hard-to-digest facts : Netbooks are too small. Yes, they are. Tablets are too difficult to work. Unless they come with a keyboard dock. Desktop’s are for home surfers. Who’s at home all the time? Laptops are, well – A sweet compromise. An all-in-one device. Desktop + Mobile computing device(!), depending on the circumstances. Huh?

If you have ever thought, ‘Oh no, should I carry my laptop along with me?’ at any point of time in your life or at all points of time in your life, this post is for you. Also you, ie. While tablets seem to be sweeping the mobile computing (read: surfing, gaming, songs, movies) applications, here comes the new challenger – A 11.6″ Laptop/Notebook. Not exactly a challenger, do you think?

Well, you should know two things then – Some 11.6″ laptops come with Windows 8 OS, which enables you to continue to live an app-dependent life. Even with your laptop. And, some among them come with touchscreens. Yes, people. Little cute laptops/notebooks with touch-screens. Can you believe that? The Windows 8 interface, gives you an experience that is closer to working with a tablet, than a notebook! Hence, even if the touch screen might take some time to get used to, you might be at ease both with both the track pad and the touch screen. Or, you might hate both equally. Curse the perils of having to choose!

At 11.6″, you can guess that the laptop will be small enough to carry around. The question is – Should you buy a tablet or should you buy a smaller laptop? The real question is – Would you want to use your mobile computing device (what an irony!) for entertainment purpose alone, or would you also want to do something productive with it? If you choose the former, stick with a tablet. If you choose the latter, well, I appreciate your sincerity and the fact that you admit –  “Life is not only about playing”.  It’s a philosophy, you know. Sigh!

I’ll tell you a secret reason why people buy tablets – It’s not that they can afford to be playing with it all the time (even/at least on weekends), but they intend to play with a tablet. Like how people intend to keep their new year resolutions. Like how people intend to quit their job and become an entrepreneur. Like how…. Well, you got the drift, right?

How much ever well intended you may be (inclined towards your own entertainment, ie), do come to terms with the reality where mobile phones are there to connect you to more work, mobile computing devices(!!) are there to extract more work out of you and your mobile lifestyle (month-long vacations), in fact, exist only in your dreams. Well, it maybe non-existent, but accepting it is the most difficult part. At least, for me! If you are one of those rare species who has been able to work out a month-long vacation schedule, midst your busy career, I want to meet you. And get your autograph.

Enough of convincing you of the reality. The crux of the matter is, you need to work. And work like hell. Where ever you are. Whatever you are doing and when ever they want you to. The device that enables you to work remotely is called a Laptop/Notebook. Not a Tablet!

Yes, its difficult to face the truth. But, let’s face it once in a while, when we have to buy a mobile computing device(!!!), at least.

Have a look at a couple of Windows 8 OS / Touch-screen / 11.6″ Laptop-Notebook Options:


If the above picture is not tempting enough, see this and get tempted:


Well, there are some non-touch screen 11.6 Laptop/Notebook options, as well. 


If you don’t want the Windows 8 OS or if you will upgrade later on, there is a Windows 7 based (non touch-screen) Laptop for you, as well.


Now, don’t say you don’t have options. If I had to choose one laptop for myself, I will go with the

*****ASUS VivoBook X202E-DH31T 11.6-Inch Touch Laptop*****



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