Fastest Wi-Fi Connections with Wireless AC Router – Netgear R6300

Netgear R6300 – Video Introduction (by Netgear):


IEEE 802.11ac is the latest/fastest Wi-Fi standard. The Netgear R6300 is 802.11ac compatible wireless AC router that you can use with the latest wireless AC adapter in your PC/notebook for the fastest Wi-Fi connections available today.The R6300 offers simultaneous dual-band operations with maximum speeds of 450 Mbps + 1300 Mbps in each radio. This wireless router can work with the earlier 802.11n Wi-Fi devices, as well, and provides better performance for Wireless N devices.

With this router, you are basically future-proof and hence it is a safe investment. While there are no devices that have built-in Wi-Fi AC adapter yet, many devices (PC, laptops) will come with built-in AC adapters shortly. While gigabit wired connections are still the best option, gigabit Wi-Fi (AC) is the second best and the most convenient option for connecting multiple devices, anywhere in your office/home without any cabling hassles.

802.11ac not only provides higher speeds, but it also provides higher coverage/Wi-Fi range and allows many more devices to connect to the Wi-Fi network, comfortably. The Netgear R6300 Wi-Fi router is easy to set-up and use. The Netgear Genie user-interface allows easier management of home network. A separate guest network can be set-up for providing Internet connectivity to guests (over Wi-Fi) while keeping them on an isolated network, without access to internal devices.

If you buy two R6300 devices, one of them can be connected near the router and the other connected near client devices and a high-speed wireless AC link can be established between them. These access points can basically work as a wireless bridge, and as an access device. With a special software tool installed on the PC, basic parental controls (web-filtering of unwanted sites) can be established.

Two USB ports allow one to connect USB-based peripherals like Printers, External Hard Drives, etc. These devices can be accessed by all the clients (PC, laptop, tablets, phones, etc.) that connect to the access point wirelessly. There are 4 gigabit wired LAN ports that you can use to connect network devices using normal Cat 6 cables/RJ-45 jacks. 1 gigabit WAN port in this router, connects to high-speed broadband/cable router.

The Netgear R6300 AC Wi-Fi router is a good option for high-speed gaming, large file-transfers, backup, HD video streaming (particularly for streaming multiple HD videos to network devices over the air), without lag/jitter. It is a good option for early adopters, dense business/office networks and high-performance home-computing applications.

Specifications/More Information: Manufacturer’s web-page for Netgear R6300 routers.

Price (USD)/ Buy From (USA): Amazon page for,

NETGEAR Wireless Router – AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300)

Alternative model to consider:

NETGEAR Wireless Router – AC 1200 Dual Band Gigabit (R6200)

Suggested Accessory:

Netgear WiFi USB Adapter – AC Dual Band (A6200)

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