A Skype Client for a Desktop IP Phone to do a Voice and even Video Chat – Grandstream GXV 3140

Well, how would it be to use a Skype Client to do a voice and video chat on a Desktop IP Video Phone? That’s just what we are going to find out in this article…

You got that right – Its a desktop phone. Its also an IP Phone. And an IP Video Phone. And it has Skype Client built in. Sort of all in one 🙂

We are talking about the Grandstream GXV 3140 IP Video Phone. We had covered the various other features supported by this phone in our previous article – do click here if you want to read it. But this is a newer development and moreover it is pushing the limits of what could be done with a desktop IP Phone! So, we decided to give a separate column!

Basically, Grandstream GXV 3140 is a SIP based IP Video Phone (that can do audio calls as well) and supports a host of multimedia applications and connects to the Internet using an in-built  browser.

Skype is an online service that offers users to do text chatting, voice chatting, video chatting, calling land-lines/mobile phones from the Internet, etc among other features using a Skype client. Recently Skype launched Skype-kit which allows vendors to build a skype client for their own devices.

So, using the Grandstream GXV 3140, you can navigate to the Skype application, create a new Skype account from the phone itself (Internet connection required), if one does not exist earlier. Then you can log in to the client see your contacts list and their status (busy, available etc). You can now launch a text chat (difficult to do from the phone, but ok for short messages like requesting for a video chat, a USB keyboard can be connected to the phone if required for easier typing) (or) a voice chat (through the speaker phone or handset or a headset/mic) (or) a video chat  (using the attached screen and camera on the phone) with any of the online contacts in your Skype account.

Without the Skype integration, a video call could be made only to another same model of Grandstream GSV 3140 IP Video Phone over the Internet. For calling to multiple SIP based IP Phones and IP Video Phones, an IP PBX registration/ integration was required. But now, it becomes easy to do a video chat with any of the Skype contacts with out the IP PBX. For individual users, this could be very useful.

Skype also allows you to call various land-line and mobile numbers (to many countries outside India – you cannot yet call to land-lines and mobile numbers in India from the Internet because of certain regulatory restrictions). This function is also extended to the Grandstream GXV 3140 Skype client, provided there was enough balance left in your Skype account for making such calls.

For a more detailed reading, we would like to refer you to this article on Skype Journal, which even gives screen shots of how the Skype Client looks on the Grandstream GXV 3140 IP Phone and how it can be configured and used.

In case you happen to live in India and are considering to buy this phone, kindly let us know via the contact form so that we can intimate the same to our friends in the industry who are dealing with it.


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