Wi-Fi Router + Storage/Back-up + Media Server = CENTRIA

Netgear Centria – Video Introduction:

What if you can get a high-speed Wi-Fi router, storage/back-up solution and media server in a single box? That’s exactly whats’ offered by the Netgear Centria. Think about this – You anyway need the functionalities of all these individual devices at home, so why not buy them as a single package/device? It simplifies installation/maintenance and can save you some money, without compromising on the performance.

With the Netgear Centria, you get a high-speed Wireless-N 3×3 (dual band, 450 Mbps + 450 Mbps) Wi-Fi router, built-in single-bay NAS functionality (diskless – you can add hard drives of 1,2,3 TB capacities) for storage/back-up of data & media server for streaming of audio, video and real-time data to multiple devices like computers, tablets, mobile phones, TV, etc. so that you don’t have to keep multiple copies of the same files in all the devices, across your home.

If all these things come with an attractive price-tag and simplified management, it is definitely worth taking a look.

The Wi-Fi (Wireless N) performance is excellent, and it is second only to Wireless AC devices. There are 4 high-speed Wired Gigabit ports for connecting network devices, and switches for extending the network. There is a Gigabit WAN port for connecting to high-speed Internet. The 802.11n radios are backward compatible with a/b/g and hence older devices can connect to the wireless network. It is recommended to be used with high-speed 3×3 wireless adapters like Centrino(in the clients – laptops), for maximum performance.

Bundling in storage/backup capabilities is definitely a good move. People need to buy a separate NAS device for the same (otherwise) and the cost of NAS devices could be quite high. Though this device can accommodate only one external hard-drive, it’s more than sufficient for many home users. You can remove/insert a new hard-drive if you want more space.

Of course, you cannot create a RAID configuration for disk-level redundancy, but not many people want the complexity introduced by such a system. Instead, one can always back-up data into external hard-drives or SD cards, directly from the Netgear Centria. You can use the provided software to back-up data automatically from specified folders of certain devices. Or you can back-up entire disks. There is even a dedicated back-up switch to make this easier!

This device is also a mini-cloud server for hosting and streaming media to any connected device (wired/wireless). It works with both DLNA & TIVO certified devices and this negates the need to have multiple copies of the same songs/same movies in each device, at home. It also allows FTP file transfer and remote access of content (over the Internet).

The decision of whether to buy this device or not, is easy to make if you want to upgrade your existing Wi-Fi router and do not have a NAS box at your home. This device saves you a lot of cost, and simplifies home networking.

Specifications/Further Info: Manufacturer’s web-page for Netgear Centria.

Price (USD)/Buy from (USA): Amazon web-page for,

NETGEAR Centria: All-in-One Back-up, Media Server, N900 WiFi Router; diskless version (WNDR4700)

Suggested Accessories:
Seagate ST2000DM001 Barracuda 7200RPM 2 TB SATA 6 GB/s NCQ 64 MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive



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