First Look – Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone (SIP) with Touch Screen Interface

Can Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone repeat what iphone did with the cell phones? This article gives a sneak first look at this full touch screen interface desktop IP Video Phone with a link to the video to see for yourself how interesting concepts have been adopted to the desktop phones by Grandstream.

First things first, click this link to open the youtube video for this phone – Grandstream GXV 3175 in a separate window and pause it – Let the video load. Unfortunately the demo video is not in English! But you can see the model and some of its features rather clearly.

This phone seems to support most of the features of the earlier video phone from Grandstream  –  GXV3140 about which we had written recently... The major difference in this model being the touch screen interface (and the screen size being larger to support the touch screen operation using fingers).

In fact, the touch screen interface closely mimics the iphone interface where you can go to the next screen layout or scroll down in the same screen by just pushing the screen sideways or upwards. The screen is divided in to two, there is a lower toggle bar which has the main menu options and the upper screen layout which has the sub-menu options. For example, when you select clock in the lower toggle bar, the big clock appears in the upper screen layout and it can be positioned anywhere in the screen by moving with a hand! The keypad also operates on the touch screen mode – you just need to press different touch sensitive soft buttons on the screen to dial out a number. The operations are very familiar with the touch screen options in a cell phone! But remember, this is a desk-top land line IP video phone!

Since this is a video phone, you can make video calls to other video phones and also to Skype users (about which we had written in a previous article). This phone can be connected to an IP PBX and act as an extension (via SIP) to call other IP land line phones and trunk lines connected to the IP PBX (or) this phone can use the IPVideoTalk number provided by Grandstream to just connect to the Internet and call any IPVideoTalk enabled Grandstream Phones anywhere in the world (GXV 3140/ 3175, that is). It has a built in camera/ huge screen and a head set jack / hand set/ speaker phone to see and talk to others over the IP Networks like LAN and Internet. The audio is HD enabled.

Like the Grandstream GXV 3140, this phone also comes with a built in browser, Youtube client, Face book client, Internet Radio channels, Skype Client and many more multimedia features that make it really different from the other boring and normal IP Phones!

Since the specs have not been officially released, we are not able to give any more details, but we will keep you posted as and when they are available.

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