Belkin F9L1106 USB Wireless AC Adapter

If you want to enable 802.11ac (Wireless AC) Wi-Fi in your computer/laptop, you could consider buying the USB-based Belkin F9L1106 external wireless AC adapter. Wireless AC is the fastest wireless standard available today, it offers higher range and 3x speeds/bandwidth when compared with Wireless N routers.

Some salient points on Belkin F9L1106 Wireless AC Adapter:

  • Model No: F9L1106
  • Type: USB-based, External adapter
  • Radio: Dual band (2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz) operation, better Wi-Fi performance than single band
  • Supported Standard: 802.11ac (Wireless AC, Gigabit wireless). Compatible with older standards like Wireless N, etc.
  • Speeds supported: Up to 867 Mbps (5 Ghz), up to 300 Mbps (2.4 Ghz)
  • Plug & Play: Yes
  • Security: WPS lets you create password protected connection, compatible with common wireless security standards
  • Recommended PC configuration: USB 2.0 ports (min), Windows OS (supported by the manufacturer)

The advertised maximum speeds of 867 Mbps is a theoretical value and it is normal to get speeds less than half that value, in practical situations. Also, try to set your wireless router to work in 5 Ghz only (as long as there are no other devices that connect in 2.4 Ghz with this device) for obtaining best/ higher speeds. You need a Wireless AC router (obviously) and gigabit backbone network (Gigabit switch ports, Cat 6 cables. etc).

Wireless speeds decrease with increasing distances between the wireless adapter and wireless router and hence, try to place the router as close to the PC/laptop as possible. Well, one precious USB port of your laptop will be occupied by the device. But if you want the fastest Wi-Fi connection today there is no other alternative, at least until notebooks/ultrabooks come with built-in Wireless AC adapters.

More info: Manufacturer’s web-page.

Price (USD)/Where to buy: If you live in the US, you could buy this Wireless AC adapter online from Amazon. Below is the link to its Amazon page,

Belkin Wireless AC USB Wifi Adapter (F9L1106)


Alternative to consider: Amazon page for Wireless N Adapter from Belkin,

Belkin F9L1103 N750 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter

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