Self programmed, learning Wi-Fi Thermostat – Nest (2nd Gen) Thermostat

Buying a thermostat is one thing, but buying a thermostat that programs itself, learns your schedule and automatically changes the temperature, connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows you to remotely monitor/control from anywhere is another thing altogether. That’s what the Nest 2nd Gen Thermostat offers you. A small introductory video for Nest 2nd Gen Thermostat is embedded above.

You can instantly change the room temperature by rotating a stainless steel ring that encompasses the Nest thermostat unit and set it to whatever temperature you find comfortable, at any given point of time. Each time you do that, the Nest thermostat learns from your actions and it can intelligently guess your schedule and operate the heating/cooling appliances based on its observations. In short, it automatically programs itself.

An auto-programming thermostat is very useful for busy people who just want to fix the thermostat and forget about it. The Nest thermostat can even discover whether you are present in your house or not (using activity sensors) and adjust the temperature / humidity accordingly (through its inbuilt temperature and humidity sensors). It not only reduces your efforts, but it also saves a lot of money (on your electricity bill). Next time you go to your office or anywhere else, you just don’t have to bother about your thermostat. It can take care of itself. How cool is that?

But what if there are deviations in your schedule? One day, you might want to come back to your home earlier than usual. It’s rare, but it can happen right? I mean, nothing wrong in being an optimist! So, on that day, you can use a cell phone app to tell the thermostat that you’ll reach the house by a certain time and you want the house/room cooled or warmed by then. This is possible because Nest thermostats can connect to your Wi-Fi network and communicate with your cell phone/browser over the Internet.

Very often, it’s the small things that enable you to save big, without actually compromising on the comfort. For example, Nest thermostats can switch off the air-conditioner a few minutes early while the fan is still running, in order to reduce the electricity consumption while easily maintaining the required temperature.

Of course, if you don’t want to leave everything to the thermostat, you can always override the auto settings and operate it manually. When you change the temperature by adjusting the ring, it will give an indication about energy-efficient temperatures via a leaf that appears on the screen. If you are conscious about your energy consumption (which you should be), you could always change the temperature within this efficient range.

While talking about the screen, you can be rest assured that the Nest thermostats are one among the best designed thermostats in the world. The stainless steel ring (on the 2nd gen models) reflects the wall/background and blends beautifully with the surroundings. The circular display and digital characters will make your home appear modern and stylish. You can expect people to give it a second glance, out of admiration of course.

Multiple Nest units can communicate with each other and optimize your energy consumption. You can monitor up to 10 Nest thermostats online, using a single account. All the inter-device communications & Internet communications are encrypted, hence the security of your devices/communications are assured. These units can even automatically update themselves with the latest features, over the Wi-Fi Internet connection.

You might be surprised to know the amount of energy that can be saved by just controlling your air-conditioning/heating systems properly. A lot of power is wasted in every household due to negligence (forgetting to switch off the A/C’s, etc) and such things can be avoided by using an intelligent, self-learning thermostat like Nest.

The higher cost of Nest thermostats might be an issue for some, but it can easily pay for itself within 6-8 months of usage. Of course, it can save much more energy than the normal thermostats out there. That’s one reason so many people have given a positive review for Nest thermostats on Amazon. If you live in the US, you can buy it online from there.

Before buying though, do check the compatibility of Nest thermostats with your cooling/heating systems. It can work with most 24V systems, but not with high-voltage (110V) systems. Also have a look at this installation video for Nest thermostat, to get a better idea about the interfaces and connectivity. Nest also offers professional installation services, if you don’t want to install it yourselves.

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