10GbE Switch for SMB’s? Yes! Netgear XS708E, XS712T (8,12 10GbE Copper Ports)

Do SMB’s need the expensive enterprise-grade network gear? Isn’t that an overkill? Maybe. But, are 10GbE switches (with all 10GbE copper ports) even available from companies that cater to the SMB segment (less than 500 employees)?

Yes!! Netgear has at least two 10GbE switches (8 port, 12 port) that cater exclusively to this segment. And guess what, you don’t have to take a loan from an angel investor to buy these switches!!

With Server Virtualization becoming the norm, many SMB’s might be looking to upgrade their server connectivity to 10GbE. Servers are available with 10GbE ports, but 10GbE network switches were only available from vendors that cater to the enterprise segment (read: big $$$).

Netgear has already made a name for itself in the home networking & small business networking segments. They have recently introduced two switches (8 port, 12 port) with all 10GbE ports – The Netgear XS708E, Netgear XS712T.

Netgear XS708E

  • 8 x 10GbE Copper Ports, Non-blocking architecture
  • 1 x Combo 10GE Fiber SFP+ Port
  • Plug-and-play (almost), Rack mount kit included
  • Supports VLAN, QoS
  • Denial of Service attack protection
  • Cable test to troubleshoot connectivity problems
  • Supports Link Aggregation (LAG)
  • Supports IGMP Snooping for Multicast traffic
  • Rate limiting (bandwidth control)
  • Port mirroring (VOIP recording, packet analysis)
  • Jumbo Frame support (Faster processing for large files)
  • Supports 10GbE with Cat 6A, Cat 7 cables (recommended, up to 100 meters) and Cat 5E, Cat 6 (short lengths)
  • H x W x D: 1.7″ x 13″ x 8.5″; Weight: 7.94 lbs (3.64 Kg)
  • Warranty: Lifetime (limited) hardware warranty
  • Optional: 24×7 Phone support, etc.

Further Information: Manufactuer’s web-pager for XS708E Network Switch.

Buy From: Check Amazon page for availability.


Netgear XS712T

  • 12 Copper 10GbE ports, 2 SFP+ combo ports
  • VLAN – MAC, Guest VLAN, Protocol-based VLAN, Dynamic VLAN assignment
  • QoS (Incl. Q-in-Q)
  • Static Routing
  • IGMP & MLD Snooping
  • IPv6 for Management, QoS & ACL

Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page for XS712T Network Switch. Note: This product was not available at the time of writing this post, but had a ‘Coming Soon’ notice on the site.

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