Hp 1810 Series Network Switches – Basic Managed 8,24,48 Ports for Home/Office Use

Hp 1810 Series Switch Unpacking and Demo Video:

Hp 1810 Series Network switches are quite popular in the high-end home networking and SMB business networking segments. Hp has already made a good name for itself in the enterprise networking market and it brings the same level of quality, reliability and support for other segments, as well. Hp was one of the first vendors to introduce lifetime replacement warranty for network products.

If you are looking for basic, cost-effective, smart web-managed 8, 24 or 48 Port Network switches, the Hp 1810 Series might just be what you are looking for. The price-performance ratio of these switches, especially as they come from a big brand like Hp, is quite a surprise. Why get struck with under-performing network switches, when you can buy the real performers for slightly more?

Important Features of the Hp 1810 Network Switches & What they mean to you:

  • Type: Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet 8/24/48 Port Layer 2 Switches
  • Ports: 10/100. 10/100/1000 8, 24, 48 Copper Ethernet Ports, SFP Non-Combo Fiber Ports (Certain models) to enable a fiber back-bone connection (to other switches), if the distance is more than 100 meters. Otherwise, copper ports/Cat 6 cables are sufficient to connect the switches to the back-bone network. This applies to cases where there is more than one switch.
  • The 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet model can be powered directly using network cables from an active POE port of another network switch. This can be helpful in situations where you don’t have an electric power outlet near the switch.
  • The 8, 24 Port models support power-saving features like Energy Efficient Ethernet and Idle port power-down. They also support STP, Rapid Spanning Tree protocol (useful in cases where you have a number of switches as you might accidentally introduce looping between them, which affects the network performance). In such cases, you could enable STP/RSTP in the switch. These switches also support switch-level DSCP QoS policies which could be useful to transmit latency-sensitive real-time traffic like voice, video  and multimedia faster.
  • A browser-based web-interface enables you to access, configure and monitor the Hp 1810 network switches simply and easily. Even a beginner in computer networking can handle the configuration and trouble-shooting of these switches, with ease.
  • Wire-speed (non-blocking) operation in order to avoid any delays while sending and receiving your data-packets.
  • Link Aggregation: When you are connecting two or more ports of one switch with another switch or with a server, these multiple ports (depending on the model) can combine with each other and form one high-bandwidth connection. This feature is very useful as it creates higher bandwidth/speed connections with network-backbone, NAS storage appliances or servers.
  • The Hp 1810 Switch is a basic-managed switch. Hence, it supports features like VLAN for network isolation/segregation (useful in larger networks), jumbo packets (useful to improve the performance of large file-transfers) and Port-mirroring (useful to monitor network traffic using an external application or to record VOIP conversations).
  • Security: SSL for encrypting the browser-management session and user-password for authentication.
  • Per-port LED’s to indicate status, bandwidth, activity, etc. Per-switch LED to differentiate a particular switch in a rack full of similar switches.
  • The 1810 series switches can be mounted on wall, desktop or under the table. The 24, 48 port switch models can also be mounted on a rack (mounting hardware included).
  • These switches support SNMP and hence they can be monitored using an external web-based monitoring/management program like Cacti or any NMS (Network Management System).
  • Dual-flash images are provided in these switches in order to save and revert to the old configuration. This feature could be useful to recover from manual errors in configurations.
  • Lifetime warranty: Perhaps the best feature of this switch, from a trusted brand.

Specifications/Further Information on Hp 1810 Switch series: Manufacturer’s web-page.

Advantages of Hp 1810 Network Switches

  • Advanced functionality and features for the price. It is recommended not to employ unmanaged switches for critical/ high-performance demanding applications. Try these switches instead.
  • Hp is a well-known brand in IT/Networking, especially in the enterprise segment. So, you can be relatively confident about the quality of support you will receive and the stability of the company.
  • This particular series – Hp 1810, is quite popular among users in the home-networking and Small/Medium business segment.
  • Both Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) models are available in this series.
  • Fanless construction (in most models) makes these switches very quiet. Hence, they can be used even in areas like living rooms, etc. where one needs silence. Fanless also means more reliability and lower electricity consumption.
  • The lights on the individual ports can either be turned-off right away or after a short while upon start-up. This helps in situations where the ambiance is generally dark and the switch lights (there are so many) are usually a disturbance.
  • Lifetime warranty is always a huge plus, especially when it comes from a brand like Hp.

Limitations/Tips for Hp 1810 Network Switches   

  • The body of the switch is made up of hard-plastic, not metal.
  • Documentation (especially for 8-port switch model) could be improved.
  • There is no CLI (Command Line Interface), but management of the switch is possible over the secure web-based interface.
  • The web-interface does not include labeling for each port, which would have helped administrators to identify per-port information like where they connect, etc.
  • Tip: Upgrade the switch to the latest firmware, immediately after you receive the switch.
  • Tip: Use Cat 6 cabling/passive components to get the best out of a gigabit Ethernet network.

Price (USD)/Buy From (US): Amazon web-page for,

Gigabit Ethernet Models (10/100/1000 Mbps ports)
HP 1810-8G v2 Switch
HP 1810-24G v2 Switch
HP V1810-48G Ethernet Switch

Fast Ethernet Models (10/100 Mbps)
HP 1810-8 v2 Switch
HP 1810-24 v2 Switch


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