D-Link DGS-1210-16,24,48: Smart Gigabit L2 Switches for Businesses

D-Link DGS-1210-24 Unboxing Video:

The D-Link DGS-1210-16,24,48 are smart, gigabit layer-2 network switches for businesses and organizations. As the name suggests, these switches have 16, 24, 48 10/100/1000 Mbps ports along with four built-in combo copper/fiber ports.

These switch models (except the 48 port model) are fanless. That means you don’t get much hissing sound, common with business-grade switches. This switch can be easily managed using a web-browser based user interface and D-Link also provides a cloud-based limited network monitoring platform for managing its switches. The D-Link DGS-1210 series switches are full of useful features that you want to see in a manageable L2 edge switch.

These switches come with lifetime warranty and D-Link has been manufacturing switches/network gear for the home/business segments for a long time now.

Important Specifications of D-Link DGS-1210-16/24/48

  • Models: Three Models ~ D-Link DGS-1210-16/ DGS-1210-24/ DGS-1210-48
  • Ports: 16/24/48 Gigabit Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) including 4 Combo Copper/Fiber ports
  • Switching Capacity: 32 Gbps/ 48 Gbps/ 96 Gbps
  • MAC address Table/Updates: Up to 8k entries per device/Up to 256 static MAC entries
  • RAM Buffer: 512 KB/ 512 KB/ 1 MB
  • Power Consumption (max): 17.4 W/ 24.1 W/ 59.1 W
  • AC Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz Internal universal power supply
  • Internal Fan: No/ No/ Two
  • Form Factor: 19″ Standard Rack-mountable width, 1U height
  • Diagnostic LED’s: Switch Level – Electrical power, Fan error; Port Level – Link, Activity, Speed
  • L2 Features: IGMP Snooping, Multicast Filtering, Loopback detection, Link Aggregation (8 ports per group & 8 groups per device), Port Mirroring (Many to one, One to one, Tx, Rx), Cable diagnostics, Jumbo frame support (up to 10,000 bytes), VLAN (Auto Voice VLAN, Auto Surveillance VLAN)
  • Quality of Service (QoS): 802.1p, 4 queues per port
  • Security: Access Control Lists (ACL), 802.1x, MAC-based Port restriction, SSL
  • Management: SNMP, Web Browser-based GUI, Compact CLI through Telnet server
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty (US & Canada)

Detailed Specs/Manufacturer’s web-page: D-Link DGS-1210-16, DGS-1210-24, DGS-1210-48

Download Switch brochure (pdf)

Advantages of D-Link DGS-1210-16/24/48 Network Switches:

  • The D-Link DGS 1210 series network switches are made of durable metallic case. They have the standard 19″ form-factor and hence are rack-mountable (rack-mount brackets included).
  • This is a manageable L2 switch and it can be managed using a simple, easy-to-use web browser-based GUI. There is a smart console which provides CLI access through telnet, for advanced management.
  • Auto voice VLAN and Auto Surveillance VLAN is useful for categorizing IP phones/IP cameras automatically into appropriate VLAN’s, and gives them a higher priority over normal data traffic.
  • This switch supports D-Link green features for saving electrical power. It can detect the length of the cable and automatically reduce the power to those ports with shorter cable connections (less than 20 meters). It can also shut down any ports that do not have a link, automatically. These features reduce the running cost of the switch, greatly.
  • The switch supports multicast filtering, which is a helpful feature in heavy-bandwidth usage situations. It also supports port mirroring to monitor/inspect the packets or record voice calls.
  • In addition to supporting STP/RSTP protocols, the switch can auto detect loops in individual ports and shut down the affected ports automatically. Cable diagnostics feature of this switch enables it to determine the type/location of cabling error.
  • The switch can reserve bandwidth using the auto-bandwidth control feature.
  • Support for 802.1x port-based authentication with external radius servers, makes it secure to be used even in enterprise scenarios. The switch also supports security features like ACL Filtering (Access Control Lists), D-Link safeguard engine (to protect against data flooding due to virus attacks), DHCP server screening (to prevent rogue user ports from unauthorized IP assignment), ARP Spoofing attack mitigation, etc.
  • The D-Link DGS-1210-16/24/48 switches support D-Link Insight, a cloud-based network management framework for D-Link switches, provided for free, by the manufacturer. This feature is useful to auto discover devices connected to each port and list them by port ID, MAC address, IP address, Operating System of the connected device, etc. It also alerts the administrator when a new device is connected to the network or provides management/security notifications.
  • Life time warranty is provided by D-Link for these switches in US & Canada. This vendor has many years of experience in manufacturing/supporting IT devices for the SMB segment.
  • The 16-port and 24-port switch models in this series do not require fans for cooling. This reduces the noise output from the switch considerably and increases its reliability.
  • There is a reset button in the front of the switch to bring the switch configuration to factory default. This can be useful in cases where users might accidentally mess up with the configuration.


  • This switch is a L2 switch and hence does not support L3 features like routing, etc. These models do not support POE (Power over Ethernet).
  • The SFP ports are shared with the copper ports. Hence, if you use one SFP port to connect to another switch, one regular copper port will be de-activated. If you want to connect optical fiber cable to this switch, you need to buy optical transceivers separately. These are supplied by D-Link at additional cost. 
  • Upgrade the firmware of the switch to the latest version, immediately after you receive the switch.
  • These switches do not automatically store configuration changes. You need to save the configuration changes manually, every time you make changes to the configuration. In a way this feature is also good, as accidental mis-configuration of the switch can be avoided.

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