Salient features of Mellanox Technologies HPC Switches

Salient features of Mellanox Technologies HPC Switches.

¤ They operate on Infiniband. Follow the link for the advantages of Infiniband technology.
¤ Each of the ports support up to 40 Gb/s fully bi-directional bandwidth. One model (MTS 3600) supports up to 36 ports. The second model (MTS 3600) supports up to 324 Ports (MTS 3610) in a 19 RU Chassis. Very dense configurations, both.
¤ Main application is for High Performance Computing (HPC) but can also serve in the enterprise data centre requiring high throughput.
¤ These switches support clustering. The servers can be clustered together for maximum utility. They support up to 6 multiple subnets. Virtual partitioning enables efficient use. Open Cluster Management software is also supported.
¤ The sub-net manager needs to run from one of the servers. The servers are connected to the switches through a special HCA connector.
¤ Support for adaptive routing (in a congested environment to re-route the traffic to congested ports) and static routing (to give superior results where traffic levels are more predictable).
¤ It supports very low latency – One of the advantages of Infiniband and hence suitable for high performance applications.
¤ Redundant power supply and fan units ensure high availability.

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