Enterprise-Grade 3.5″ Hard Drives: WD RE 2/3/4 TB

Hard-disk drives have been improving in reliability and capacity over the years. We do have more reliable Solid State Drives (SSD), but their capacity is very limited and their price-rage is very high. The Western Digital RE enterprise-grade 3.5″ 2/3/4 TB Hard Disk Drives (HDD) seek to close the gap between HDD & SSD. They do it by designing a much more reliable, faster & quieter hard drive that has been extensively tested for enterprise applications.

The WD RE HDD’s do come at a small premium over their WD RED hard-drives designed for NAS systems, which are themselves more reliable than the hard-drives meant for home-computers, but they are less expensive when compared to even basic SSD’s. Western Digital has introduced many features in order to improve the reliability of the hard-drives, both when in use and also while in transit.

Four(4) TB is one of the highest capacities available for hard-drives in the market and hence there is no compromise on the storage space. The SATA III interface provides up to 6 GB/s operation and the 3.5″ form factor is the common size for hard-drive bays.

You should use these enterprise-class drives if you are running critical applications that require high reliability. These drives have an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 1.2 million hours, as stated in WD site.

You can use WD RE drives along with servers, NAS storage systems and even high-end computers/workstations. WD RE hard drives have been designed for 24 x 7 operation and will benefit write-intensive applications like video surveillance/recording, etc. Also, these hard-drives have RAID specific security features and hence if you are planning to use RAID redundancy, these might make a good choice.

Almost twice the processing power, 7200 RPM (rotational speed) and 64 MB (cache) enables good performance – These drives are much faster than normal hard drives. Since they come with 5-year warranty and 24/7 hotline support, the company is ready to back-up their claims and you can rest in peace.

The dual actuator and vibration protection improves positional accuracy and enables better performance in vibration-prone environments. There are pressure sensors and accelerometers to measure every aspect of stress on it and adjust the operation accordingly. And these are just some of the innovations to increase the reliability.

Model: WD4000FYYZ.

Technical Specifications/Features: Western Digital product page.

Price (USD)/Buy From (USA): Amazon web-page for,



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