Netgear introduces ReadyDATA 516 NAS Appliance for SMB

Netgear has introduced a new model for their ReadyDATA line of products – The ReadyDATA 516 NAS appliance. This device is targeted at SMB’s (Small and Medium businesses) and seeks to provide some enterprise-class features to affordable/smaller NAS storage systems.

Some salient features you should know about ReadyDATA 516 NAS Appliance –

  • 6-Bay Desktop NAS appliance for SMB’s.
  • Support for both SSD & SATA based hard-drives.
  • 5-Year Warranty.
  • Support for deduplication, thin provisioning, unlimited snapshots, virtual networks.
  • ReadyDATA hybrid cloud support for direct backup/replication to the public cloud over 128-bit SSL connections.
  • Supports both block-level and file-level storage.
  • Virtualization and backup software compatibility with major vendors.
  • Alternative higher end model: ReadyDATA 5200.

You can learn more about both ReadyDATA 516 & ReadyDATA 5200 from here.

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