Netgear Introduces Intelligent Edge M4100 Series Network Switches for SMB

Netgear has introduced new Intelligent Edge M4100 Series Network Switches. Let us have a look at the important features of this switch,


  • 12 Models, Desktop, Rackmount.
  • Fully Managed Switches
  • Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet models, POE/POE+ models, 8-50 Ports, With/Without Fiber ports.
  • Supports CLI Scripting, IPv4 Static Routing (L3), IPv4/IPv6 ACL’s & QoS support.
  • Redundant & External power supply option and supplemental POE power for more reliability.
  • Supports STP, DoS prevention & NAC/Isolation.
  • LLDP-MED for auto-config of IP phones + Multi-vendor VOIP auto VLAN classification and prioritization.
  • Multicast filtering & MVR VLAN forwarding.
  • 16K MAC addresses, Ingress granularity down to 1 Kbps.
  • Https web GUI & Telnet/SSH CLI.
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet compliance.
  • Lifetime hardware warranty + 24 x 7 Advanced Technical Support + Next Business Day replacement for three years.

Don’t you think the external/redundant power supply for network switches is an interesting addition to increase the reliability of the switches in the SMB network? This was only available for servers, etc. earlier.

Learn more about the Netgear Intelligent Edge M4100 Series Switches from here.

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