Belkin releases Netcam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision

Belkin has recently released Netcam HD Wi-Fi Camera with night vision that enables you to keep a watch on what’s happening at home, using a mobile or tablet, while you are at the office. The Camera connects to the Wi-Fi Modem (over the wireless network), which needs to be connected to the Internet (at home). At the office, you need to download the Belkin App (Android, iOS) {only for the first time}, connect to the camera and see what’s going on.


  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n, Internal Antenna.
  • HD: 720p.
  • Codec: H.264.
  • Camera: 2 MP, Up to 25 fps.
  • Mic/Audio: Built-in.
  • E-mail alerts if any movement is detected.
  • Can record video to mobile devices, if required.
  • Infrared vision during the night (offers limited visibility).
  • To be used with tablets & smart phones.

For HD camera, the price seems to be quite attractive. If your main application is monitoring some place over a remote network, this camera might be a good choice. Belkin also offers a non-HD version of this camera at a slightly lower cost. It is not mentioned anywhere if the camera output can be monitored from a computer or only from tablet/mobile phone??

Read more about the Belkin Netcam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision from here.

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