TRENDnet introduces Powerline 200AV Nano Adapter

TRENDnet has recently released a new powerline adapter: Powerline Nano 200 AV Nano Adapter. Each powerline adapter has an electrical connection and network connection. You can connect them to electrical outlets near the devices between which you want to create a computer network, and then connect the network devices to them using Cat 5/6 cables.

Essentially, you care creating a computer network using existing powerline cables. You can use these adapters in places where there is no wired network or places where it is too expensive to lay a wired network, as long as these two places have electrical lines already running between them. You can also use powerline adapters instead of a wireless network.

Highlights of TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV Nano Adapter:

  • Extend/Create a computer network using power lines.
  • Max speed: 200 Mbps.
  • Minimum two adapters are required (One near the modem and another near the computer connecting to the modem, for example) to create a network.
  • Maximum of 4 adapters can be used on the same electric network.
  • Small size, doesn’t occupy much space.
  • Can create 128-bit encrypted connections between devices.
  • Useful in places where there is – no wired network, wireless network is weak or wireless interference is present.
  • Reduces power consumption when the devices are not being used to transmit information (since they are always connected to the electrical outlets).
  • 1 x 10/100 Mbps port; 1 x Reset button.
  • Powerline standards: IEEE 1901, HomePlug AV.
  • Coverage/Range: Up to 300 meters.
  • Supports basic QoS for voice and video.
  • LED indicators: Power, Powerline connection strength, Ethernet connection strength.

Further Info: TRENDnet product page.

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