LenovoEMC announces new Network Video Recorders: 4 TB to 8 TB

LenovoEMC has announced three new models of Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) that can store and manage IP Cameras/video footage from up to 16 IP cameras. They come with capacities ranging from 4 TB to 8 TB. The three models of NVR’s are given below,

  • px2-300d NVR – 4 TB + 4 Camera Licenses
  • px4-300d NVR (1) – 4 TB + 8 Camera Licenses
  • px4-300d NVR (2) – 8 TB + 16 Camera Licenses

With all the above models, they also include the required Milestone Arcus Video Management Software licenses. This video management software runs on Liunx, Mac OSX or Windows platforms. One year software update plan is also included. Basically, the Milestone Arcus offers a web-client based management interface for multi-vendor IP cameras (a list of which is available in the vendor’s website).

The NVR hardware box offered by LenovoEMC comes with built-in NAS functionality. It is possible to connect analog cameras to them (if required) via an optional PCIe interface card.

These Network Video Recorders support features like motion detection, alert notification, live view/playback, mobile app support, etc. Learn more about these three Network Video Recorder models of LenovoEMC from here.


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