Tripp Lite SMART 2500XLHG UPS for Medical/Healthcare Applications

Tripp Lite has released its SMART 2500XLHG UPS that has been specially manufactured to be used for medical/healthcare applications.


  • Power rating: 2200VA/1920W
  • Protects sensitive medial equipment from damage due to power-cuts 
  • UL60601-1 compliance for shock protection
  • Full-line isolation to reduce the possibility of electric shocks
  • Cumulative current leakage less than 100 micro amps
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator to protect from brownouts and over-voltages
  • USB, DB8 ports for remote monitoring/control
  • NEMA/IEC C13 Universal power outlets.

You can get to know more about Tripp Lite SMART 2500XLHG UPS from here.

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