July 8, ’13: Amped Wireless Introduces RTA15: Long-Range AC Wi-Fi Router

Video Introduction

Amped Wireless has introduced the Long-Range Wireless AC router: RTA15. The main attraction of this Wi-Fi router is its high-power extended coverage which is done using three external antennas and up to 10 internal amplifiers! The feature that allows users to adjust the power of their Wi-Fi signals could be very useful in many situations. If you have a specific application where you need to put up one router for long-range coverage, this might very well be the router for you. The general specs of this router are also decent.


  • Model: Amped Wireless RTA15.
  • Type of device: Wireless Router, used to create a wireless network. Connects to Internet via LAN port (ADSL, Cable modem required).
  • Standard: 802.11ac, backward compatible with older Wi-Fi standards like 802.11a/b/g/n.
  • Radio: Dual-band.
  • Power: High-power 700 mW.
  • Antennas: 5 dBI Antennas (3 x External high-gain antennas).
  • Extended range: 10 Power Amplifiers for additional/extended Wi-Fi range.
  • Ports: 4 x LAN (Wired); 1 x WAN (Wired); Both Gigabit; 1 x USB 2.0 for sharing printer or hard-drive.
  • IPv6 support (Future ready).
  • Adjustable Wi-Fi coverage controls: 15% to 100% output power adjustable individually for 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz networks.
  • Parental security, Website blocking, User access control for security.
  • Wi-Fi Analytics tool App for Android/Windows platform (Wireless Network optimization).
  • Simple set-up.
  • US-based technical support.
  • Users can create up to 8 wireless networks for guests with restricted Internet/Network access.
  • Includes detachable desktop stand/cable organizer.
  • Specific day and time wireless access scheduling.
  • QoS support for setting priority to certain types of wireless traffic (video, for example).
  • Warranty: 1-Year.
  • MSRP: $189.99 USD.
  • Further details/Technical Information: Amped Wireless RTA15 (Manufacturer’s web-page).
  • Limitations: 1-Year Warranty (Most vendors provide a longer warranty than this), USB 2.0 port used in this router, instead of the latest USB 3.0 port.

Optional: Amped Wireless ACA1 AC Wi-Fi Adapter (Wireless AC Client for Computer, Laptop, etc. to make them compatible with the latest Wireless AC Gigabit Ethernet standard).

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