July 9, ’13: Microsemi introduces 2-port 802.3at POE Injector for Outdoor Applications

Microsemi has introduced a 2-port 802.3at POE injector (passive hub) that provides both networking and power to two different devices located outdoors. For example, if there is one Wireless Access Point and one Wireless IP Camera at an outdoor location, one Microsemi PD-9002GHO/AC can be used to provide electric power (up to 30 W) and data, to both of them. Conventionally, two POE switch ports or POE injectors are used for such applications and most of them are not designed to be used in outdoor locations. Whereas, the Microsemi PC-9002GHO/AC is Outdoor rated (IP 66), has UV/Lightning protection, built-in.


  • Model: PD-9002GHO/AC
  • Dual port POE (Power Over Ethernet) Passive Hub/Injector
  • Designed for outdoor applications, with outdoor enclosure
  • IP 66 Outdoor Rated, UV/Lightning Protection
  • Possible Applications: To provide power and data to IP cameras, Access Points, Wireless Mesh/backhaul connections, small cell applications, etc
  • POE Standard: IEEE 802.3at (Can provide up to 30W of power), also supports IEEE 802.3af 
  • Eliminates the need for two separate POE Switch ports/POE injecctors and two AC outlets
  • Supports Gigabit data connections (10/100/1000 Mbps)
  • Provides surge-protection for AC and POE ports
  • Plug and play installation
  • Extended temperature range: -40 Dec C to 55 Deg C
  • Availability: Shortly, please check manufacturer’s web- page for PD-9002GHO.


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