July 11 ’13: USB to HDMI Converter is launched by TRENDnet (TU3-HDMI)

TRENDnet has launched a USB to HDMI converter (TU3-HDMI) that can be used to project the contents of a computer monitor on a larger display unit that accepts HDMI input (TV, LCD/LED monitor, Projector, etc), through the USB port. In short, this adapter converts a USB port on your computer into a HDMI port!

There are four operating modes supported by this converter,

  • Primary display, which transfers the computer monitor contents to HDTV/HDMI-monitor.
  • Mirror mode, which creates a copy of the computer monitor contents to HDTV/HDMI-monitor.
  • Extend mode, which shows the computer monitor contents on a small box on the HDTV/HDMI-monitor, along with whatever is running there currently.
  • Multiple monitor mode, which extends the display over multiple monitors.


  • Model: TU3-HDMI
  • Function: USB to HDMI converter, to display computer monitor contents on a larger screen (that supports HDMI input).
  • USB 3.0 Port: When paired with USB 3.0 port of a computer, this enables data to be transferred at maximum bandwidth. Works best with USB 3.0 ports as it is an excellent option for transmitting HD video and other high-bandwidth demanding content. The device also supports USB 2.0 and other older format ports.
  • Adapter powered through PC USB port.
  • HD (High Definition) display support.
  • USB hot-swapping for adding/removing monitors easily.
  • 2-Year Warranty.
  • Supports Windows Operating System only.
  • USB cable to connect with PC included, HDMI cable to connect to the monitor not included.
  • Connectivity: PC -> USB cable -> TRENDnetTU3-HDMI converter -> HDMI cable -> Monitor/Projector/TV.
  • MSRP: $99.99
  • Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page.

Buy from (US): TRENDnet store, Macmall, Provantage.


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