Backup Data Automatically to USB-based Hard-Drives (External): Pogoplug

What is Pogoplug?

Pogoplug is an appliance that enables you to automatically back-up all files/selected files from your computer/laptop (that is connected to the network – LAN), to external hard-drive(s) connected to Pogoplug (through USB). It gives an interface to connect USB-devices with Network-enabled devices and backs up data automatically.

As you can imagine, Pogoplug is a hardware appliance that has both USB ports and RJ-45 LAN port, to connect the two disparate forms of media, and enable automatic backup. The best thing about Pogoplug is – it enables you to access all your (shared) data from any remote location (over the Internet) and even back-up some of your data (photos taken from cell-phone cameras, for example) instantly, from anywhere.

Connection/Architecture Diagram:



Pogoplug enables you to create your own private-cloud based network storage using your external hard-drives, and

  • Connect to USB-storage devices over the network &
  • Connect to USB-storage devices over the Internet through apps for iOS & Android (mobile devices) &
  • Automatically back-up data

As shown in the above diagram, let’s assume that your modem/router has an in-built 4-port switch and you have two external USB hard-drives. You connect the computer/laptop to one of the switch ports of the router, Pogoplug to another switch port, and Internet connection to the WAN port of the router.

The external hard-drives are connected to the Pogoplug in order to enable them to connect to the LAN (network). This simple connectivity is the only thing that is required to enable automatic backups (of selected folders from your computer) to your external hard-drives.


  • Automatic backup, all your important files are always backed up even if you don’t do anything – you don’t have to remember to manually backup anything
  • Low cost, simple set-up/opearation
  • You can use any external hard-drive for backup
  • No recurring costs – one time investment
  • Your data is stored in your premises/hard-drive (safe)
  • You can use your existing external hard-drives or pen-drives (USB-based)


  • Router/Modem needs to have free switch ports, otherwise an external network switch/new router might be required.
  • Router/Modem needs to be always ON & connected to the Internet, if you want remote access of your files from mobile/tablet (also connected to the Internet).

Much more Information/features: Pogoplug website.

Models/Price/Buy from: Amazon product pages for – Pogoplug (single user), Pogoplug Series 4 (single user, USB 3.0), Pogoplug Office (multi-user). ***Detailed difference between the three models***

Accessory: Seagate 3 TB External hard-drive.

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