Long-Range Wireless AC USB Adapter: Amped Wireless ACA1

Video Introduction:

Amped Wireless ACAI External USB Wireless AC Adapter

The Amped Wireless ACA1 is a USB long-range external wireless AC adapter that enables you to upgrade your computer/laptop Wi-Fi connection to the latest high-speed 802.11ac wireless network standard.

This adapter is different from normal Wireless AC adapters due to the following reasons –

  • Long-range (3x vs. 1x), high-power (500 mW vs. 50-100 mW), High-speed (AC1200, up to 867 Mbps for 5 Ghz).
  • 5 dBi External Dual-band Antennas (vs. lower-powered internal antennas).
  • Two High-power Amplifiers (vs. None).
  • High-speed USB 3.0 Port (vs. USB 2.0 Port).

But, why would you want a high-power Wireless AC Adapter?

This adapter is going to occupy one USB port, is somewhat bulkier than normal Wi-Fi adapters (with external antennas) and is more expensive than normal Wireless AC adapter. So, why do you want to buy this one over others?

If you are confident that a normal WIreless AC adapter will be sufficient for your requirement, go ahead and buy it. There are quite a few such adapters from companies that are more popular in the home-networking segment.

However, if you are going to access the Wi-Fi network from a Wireless AC Router/Access point that is placed very far (think 30-40 meters away with obstructions in between or 2/3 floors up or down), you might want to buy a long-range adapter like this (and a long-range Wireless AC router/access point).

Other use-cases could be HD video streaming to multiple users, Network Gaming and other shared multimedia applications, especially if one or more users are going to access them from a considerable distance and good performance is mandatory.

What are the alternatives?

You could buy a Wireless AC Repeater and keep it somewhere in-between the user and wireless router. That will amplify the signal and is especially useful when multiple users are accessing the wireless network around that area. But, most of the Wi-Fi range-extenders are only Wireless N compatible (as of now) and hence you’ll have to compromise a little on the performance.

On the other hand, you can look at buying a set of powerline adapters, connect it to an electrical socket, one at each end (near the router & user, respectively). This is an excellent solution in areas where wireless signal doesn’t reach at all. But this approach could be more expensive, may not give high-performance, may not work well with aluminum-based new electrical wiring systems and requires electrical sockets.

Further info/Price/Where to buy: Amazon Amazon Product page for Amped Wireless ACA1 Wireless AC Adapter (USA).

* Please note: This adapter is an external adapter with detachable antenna and will occupy one USB port in your computer/Laptop (PC & Mac). USB 3.0 port is preferred, but it can work with older USB ports, as well. You need a Wireless AC router/access point at the other end, in order for this adapter to work in full-speed (Wireless AC).


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