Asus PCE-AC68 ~ Internal PCI-Express Wireless AC Adapter for PC

At last, an internal PCI-Express-based Wireless AC adapter has been launched by Asus for your Computer/PC: Asus Dual-band Wireless AC 1750 (PCE-AC68) Adapter/NIC. Until now, we have mostly seen only USB-based adapters for upgrading a Computer/Laptop to the latest high-speed Wireless AC standard, and hence this new adapter is very much welcome.

The problem with USB-based adapters is, they occupy one precious USB port that could have otherwise been used by some other USB device (there are so many, these days). Also, having an external Wi-Fi adapter dangling on the desk is not everyone’s fantasy –  If you have a laptop, however, that could still be your only option!

But for people who own THE solid computing machine – The PC/Computer, this Asus wireless adapter that could be safely plugged inside (on the motherboard) might be very useful. Especially in places where the wired network is difficult to create and normal wireless adapters are giving a poor connection speed/quality. And for high-speed demanding applications like gaming/HD video, streaming over the Wi-Fi network.

Look at what this Asus PCE-AC68 Wi-Fi Adapter offers you –

  • Internal wireless adapter (external antennas)
  • PCI Express Interface
  • High-speed: 802.11n = 450 Mbps (2.4 Ghz); 802.11ac = 1300 Mbps (5 Ghz)
  • 3 x External R SMA high-gain Antennas with magnetic antenna base (that could be attached to a metallic surface), detachable antennas, flexible antenna placement/orientation for maximum gain
  • 1.5x power (when compared to normal USB-based adapters w/o external antennas)
  • Heat-sink for effectively dissipating heat, even under heavy bandwidth loads
  • Out of the box OS support for Windows Vista/7/8 (What about Max OS and Linux OS, Asus???)

Depending on your application, this adapter may not be required. See if you can manage with the (slightly cheaper) Wireless AC USB-adapters, if possible. Also, see if you can extend your wired network (best option) or if you can use wireline network adapters (not suggested – low speeds).

On the contrary, if you want to access the wireless AC network from a location that is far-away (from your wireless AC router) and you want better performance than a USB-based Wi-Fi adapter/don’t want your precious USB port to be used up, this adapter/Wireless NIC could be an excellent choice. Coming from Asus, a very famous name in the home-networking segment, is another plus.

Price/Buy from (USA):  Amazon product page for Asus PCE-AC68 Dual-band Wireless AC adapter.

While we are on this topic, why not check out the most popular Wireless AC Router (also from Asus)? Of course, any Wi-Fi adapter needs a Wireless AC router at the other end to provide Wireless AC speeds. If you already have one (from any manufacturer , there is no need to buy another!

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