Wavion WBS 2400 – Single Wi-Fi Multi Radio Access Point for a Whole Campus

Yeah, you read the title correctly, but the word ‘single’ is little bit of an exaggeration! The Wavion WBS 2400 Access Points are very powerful multi radio outdoor omni-directional access points that give a wide coverage good enough that you can cover a whole campus with a few access points. Perhaps if your campus is small, even one could do! Lets find out more about it, in this article…

Well, the advantages of wireless technology are enabling network/ Internet access even in dense deployment regions like colleges, hostels, hotels, hospitals etc. But since the campus and the number of users are quite huge in such deployments, and since the existing single/dual radio access points have a limited range of coverage/ maximum no of users, the cost of Wi-Fi deployment (Including the back bone wired network cabling, wired switches, POE injectors, etc required for connecting each access point) has been quite high. So, with multiple access points, the wireless network becomes complex.

The Wavion WBS 2400 Series of access points have been designed to minimize the number of access points required for covering huge campuses (and even metro Wi-Fi sort of deployments).

Salient points about Wavion WBS 2400 Access points:

  • Each AP has Six Radios (IEEE 802.11 b/g, 2.4 Ghz spectrum) and Six Antennas (Each with a gain of 7.5 dBi)
  • All the antennas have an omni directional coverage (360 degree)
  • The Access Points are rugged and weather proof. They are primarily placed outside the buildings and have enough power to penetrate the signals inside the buildings either directly or with the help of a CPE (where ever required).
  • The coverage area/ users supported by one Wavion WBS 2400 AP is two to three times that of a normal dual radio access point.
  • Wavion AP’s are built on custom ASIC processors and are designed for performance intensive applications like Metro Wi-Fi etc.
  • Wavion WBS 2400 Access Points support Wireless Multi Media (WMM) standards for QoS (Quality of Service) and hence latency sensitive applications like voice and video can be deployed on the wireless network.
  • In places where the backbone LAN cable cannot be connected directly to the Wavion WBS 2400 Access Point, it can use self backhaul technology over the wireless network, picking up signals from neighboring Wavion access points, boosting it and re-transmitting the same. In short, it can form a wireless mesh with other similar access points (but this would still require direct electrical power connection).

One main differentiator for Wavion Access Points is its support for beam forming which focuses the energy to/from the client increasing the link gain on a per packet basis. This enables the Wavion Access Points to support Wi-Fi connections even in Non-Line of Sight Conditions (NLOS) as they can use multiple reflections from obstacles on the path to connect to the Wi-Fi clients. So, while normal Access Points suffer from multi path propagation issues, Wavion WBS 2400 AP’s benefit from it. In case you want to see this AP, and learn more about it you can visit their official web-page.

There is also another Wavion Access Point that focuses all its power towards a particular direction (a 120 degree sector actually) called Wavion WBS 2400 Sector. This AP has an array of three radios and three antennas with a 120 degree coverage and can be useful in locations like below:

Wavion WBS 2400 Sector AP Coverage Pattern Diagram


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