10 Reasons to Automate your Lights & Switch it On/Off Remotely

Did you know that you can operate (switch on/off) a light (or a fan) not only via the switch, but also via your mobile phone, over the Wi-Fi network? You can even operate the lights in your house, from a remote location (like office or vacation spot) over the Internet. Or you can schedule your lights to automatically ON or OFF every day (at certain times, based on sunlight levels, etc.). Yes, advances in automation and communications now allows us to do all that. And more.

But why would anyone want to automate their lights/switches? Here are 10 reasons –

  1. You are going to take your car from the car-shed/garage. Before going in, you could take your cell phone, switch on the light. After you leave, you can switch off the lights from your cell phone. No need to stop, get down, switch off, etc. You can also switch on the car-shed lights from your phone, on the way while you return.
  2. There are certain lights that go on and off at the same time, almost every day. Think lights on/near gates, on the portico, just outside the house, etc. So, why not make them switch on/off automatically, everyday?
  3. Lights in your kids rooms could be automated. You can switch it on from your office when it’s dusk and switch it off while it’s time to go to bed. You can also check if your kids switch on the light in the night unnecessarily.
  4. If you leave your pets alone at home, why not switch on the lights for them during the night, from your office or anywhere else? Keeping lights on from the morning will result in unnecessary power consumption.
  5. That light on top of the outside door needs to be ON when you want to put in your keys to open the door in the night. You can do that over the mobile phone (and 3G network) as you reach your house.
  6. Even if you are inside the house, you can use your cell phone (and Wi-Fi network) to switch on or off lights/fans anywhere in the house. It can be very handy especially if you have a large house and you don’t want to walk two stories up just to switch off one light.
  7. You leave to the office in a hurry every morning (who doesn’t?) and you realize you’ve forgotten to switch off that light. No worries!
  8. You can switch on your front lights and living room lights as you enter the house – won’t it be better to enter a brightly lit house?
  9. You can switch on your home lights from a remote location during nights (if you are on a vacation, for example) and fake it as if someone is inside, in order to deter potential theft.
  10. If you have an IP surveillance camera to monitor a particular location of your house, you can use automation to switch on the nearby light in order to get a better view, while you are away. And switch it off, immediately afterwards. From anywhere.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch is one popular Switch + Wi-Fi Sensor that enables you to automate and control your lights from anywhere. All you might need is a strong Wi-Fi network at home and a 3G/4G network in your mobile. You can then replace your existing switch with the Belkin WeMo Light switch and control it from your mobile/Internet. The introductory video for the Belkin WeMo is embedded at the beginning of this post and the installation video (along with requirements) is embedded below.

Features & Information: Belkin WeMo Light Switch (Manufacturer’s web-page).

Price (USD) & Where to buy (USA):
Amazon product page for, Belkin WeMo Light Switch, Control Your Lights From Anywhere with the Home Automation App for Smartphones and Tablets, Wi-Fi Enabled.

Installation video for the Belkin WeMo Light Switch:


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