Best Device to Store all your Digital Memories: Synology DS213j NAS Appliance

Video Intro to Synology DSM NAS:

You’re probably thinking that all the files and data on your computer hard-disk and DVD backup are safe. Well, know this: Your digital data is never safe as long as it is not stored in three places (minimum), one of which should be a virtual (cloud) medium.

You can’t possibly go back to all those times that gave you so much happiness, but you can very well re-live them through your digital records. If not today, your files may become very precious 5 or 15 years down the line. How much of it will you be able to retain, then?

While it is possible to back-up some of the files/data to an external hard-disk or USB thumb-drive, manual back-up is not a very efficient (or effective) process. When you can automate your back-up on your own little cloud (NAS device) in your home, and in a remote cloud like Amazon Glacier, why not use such things? Automatic back-up will ensure that your data is backed-up and it is safe.

Introducing Synology DS213j NAS Storage Device!


The above diagram shows a simple connectivity diagram for any NAS storage appliance, including the Synology device that is the focus of this article. As shown in the above diagram, you can connect the NAS, Computer, Laptop and other Wired Networking devices to the Network Switch (or to the wired ports of a router) & connect the tablets/mobiles (over Wi-Fi) to the Modem/Wi-Fi Router.

That’s it – you have your own personal storage/back-up/streaming cloud ready!

The NAS device that helps you to do that is called Synology DS213j.

Important specifications of Synology DS213j:

  • Stand-alone Network device
  • Can hold up to Two Hard-drives (2 x 4 TB = 8 TB maximum capacity)
  • 100 Mb/sec reading & 70 Mb/sec writing
  • Floating point enabled 1.2 Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM
  • OS: Synology DiskStation Manager.
  • Clients: Supports Windows, Mac, Linux Computers & Android, iOS, Windows mobile devices, among others

Full List of Features and Specifications: Synology DS213j manufacturer’s web-page.

What are the main differences between External hard-drives & NAS?

External hard-drives come with only a USB port. You need to physically carry it around to each system in your home and manually back-up data every time. Some level of automation is available, but it always requires user intervention.

A NAS is an independent storage device (with a network port) that can be permanently connected to the network and is available 24×7. It continuously backs-up data from all the network connected devices in your home/office, without any kind of user intervention. You can even stream files from your NAS directly to your Mobile phones/Network TV, etc.

Actually NAS can do much more than that – it’s almost a mini-server!

Some Interesting Applications of the Synology DS213j:

Data storage, automatic backup, 24×7 file server, music/photo/video streaming, automatic downloads from the net, store & playback IP surveillance camera video, Mail/Web server, Remote access for data (over the net, if configured), Public cloud backup, Play Internet radio, Network server, VPN, etc, etc, etc.


  • Quiet & Cool
  • Simple set-up, easy maintenance
  • Easy to use browser-based user-interface
  • UPnP/DLNA streaming compliance
  • Wake On LAN + Scheduled Maintenance + Hard-drive hibernation for power saving
  • You can schedule web downloads directly to this device (without requiring your computer/laptop to be On). You can even schedule downloads from remote locations over your cell phone!
  • Mobile phone apps for Android, iOS, Windows
  • Competitive pricing
  • RAID 0,1, Hybrid RAID for internal disk-redundancy
  • Integration with cloud-storage services like Amazon Glacier
  • Extensive list of built-in and third-party Apps (for additional applications)
  • Share files between Computers/Mobile phones running on different OS platforms
  • USB port for direct file transfer


  • Software RAID controller
  • USB 2.0 ports, instead of 3.0
  • Max 2 drives & 8 TB capacity; Only 4 TB if RAID is used
  • Surveillance station supports only 1 IP Camera; 4 more can be added upon purchasing licenses at additional cost
  • A small learning-curve for new users, at least initially

Price (USD)/Buy From (USA): Amazon product page for Synology DS213j –
***Synology DiskStation 2-Bay (Diskless) Network Attached Storage (DS213j)***


  • Try to place it behind a UPS/Surge protector
  • Read the manual before installing the unit
  • Look at the Synology DS213 Air if you want Wi-Fi built-into the NAS
  • If you want a 2-bay NAS with higher-configuration/office use, have a look at Synology DS213+

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