Control Plugged-In Electrical Appliances from Anywhere!

In Short: You can switch ON or OFF any electrical appliance in your home, that is connected through the Belkin WeMo Switch (which in turn is plugged into any standard electrical switch port), using the WeMo App for your Android/iOS mobile phone. If you are inside the house, you can control the Wi-Fi connected appliance using the home Wi-Fi network. If you are anywhere else, you can still control the Wi-Fi connected appliance (remotely) using 3G/LTE mobile Internet.

Want more? You can even schedule any plugged-in electrical appliance to switch ON or OFF at certain times (on a particular day or everyday). You don’t have to be in your home for controlling these appliances – that’s the best part!

If you set this in your home, you don’t have to worry if you have switched off that iron box or geyser or TV or music system, after you reach your office. You can just check their status using your mobile phone and switch them off instantly (if On), from anywhere.

Since you can remotely switch on/off any connected lamp, you might want to do that occasionally while you are on a vacation, in order to fake occupancy and deter potential thieves. Combine this with an IP surveillance camera and you get an instant/on-demand surveillance system! If you want your geyser/music system to be switched On just before you enter your house, you can do that too.

Applications for this home-automation switch are endless. How do you think you can put it to use in your home?

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  1. You can only switch on or off one connected electrical device. But you cannot control any other aspect of the device (temperature control, for example) through the mobile phone.
  2. Mobile app for Android and iOS is available, but there are no apps for Firefox/Chrome in order for users to be able to control the WeMo switch through a web-browser. If you want to use this, make sure you have a phone with one of the two supported OS.
  3. You need a powerful Wi-Fi network in order to ensure that your switch will connect to the Wi-Fi network. If the switch is closer to the Wi-Fi router and it is getting something like 4 out of 5 bars of Wi-Fi signal, this might be fine.
  4. The device isn’t compact enough to exactly fit into a single power plug. Hence, if there is another power plug below, you may not be able to plug-in something else, in it.
  5. You cannot use this device to control lights or fans that are permanently wired to your switch-board. There is a different model – light-switch for that.
  6. Your Wi-Fi modem/router should always be On and the Internet connection always available, if you want to use the remote access facility.

Advanced Version:

Belkin will be releasing an advanced version of this switch shortly. Among other things, the new version can provide energy usage details and send message notifications (when pre-defined events occur, like when children have switched ON the TV when they are not supposed to). Check here to see if it has been released yet.

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