802.11ac Wi-Fi Extender: Amped Wireless REA20

Amped Wireless REA20 is one of the first 802.11ac-compliant Wi-Fi Range Extenders introduced in the market. Most Wireless Range Extenders currently available are only 802.11n-compliant. So, if you have the latest 802.11ac router/AP (that offers three times the performance of 802.11n), you might as well want to go with 802.11ac wireless network extender, to cover the regions in your house that are not getting sufficient wireless signal strength.

Wi-Fi Extender Architecture Diagram:


The above diagram shows a simple use-case for a Wi-Fi range extender. Let’s assume that your Wi-Fi router (connected to the Internet) is in the ground floor and you have two more users at home who need to access the Internet over Wi-Fi from the second floor (opposite corner). If your wireless router covers that region, then it should be sufficient. But, if it doesn’t cover that region, it is possible to introduce a Wi-Fi range extender somewhere in the middle where there is sufficient Wi-Fi signal strength (first floor, in our case), so that signal from the Wi-Fi router is captured, amplified and re-transmitted by it.

A wireless range extender is not a stand-alone device. It needs a Wi-Fi router/Access Point, to work. It can only amplify the wireless signal and extend its range to cover additional areas. Also, the location where the Wireless Extender is placed, should have sufficient Wi-Fi coverage, for best performance.

Amped Wireless REA20 AC Dual-Band Wireless Range Extender:

  • Do you want to extend the range (distance covered) of your Wireless Router (any make)?
  • Do you want to make sure that the Wireless Extender will be powerful enough to penetrate walls and cover the required distance?
  • Do you want your wireless range extender to connect with maximum Wi-Fi speeds available today (802.11ac standard)?
  • Do you want external antennas so that you get the maximum wireless power output?
  • Do you want your wireless extender to work with any technology – 802.11a/b/g/n, single-band/dual-band?
  • Do you want your wireless extender to have gigabit wired ports (5) so that you can also connect some wired-networking-only type of devices to it?
  • Do you want your wireless extender to have a USB port so that you can plug-in your thumb-drive/USB storage device, and share its contents with other people on the wireless network?
  • Do you want to be able to create a separate guest network so that visitors can be allowed to access only the Internet (and not your internal network drives)?
  • Do you want your wireless extender to be compatible with Apple networking features like AirPlay, AirPrint & HomeSharing?
  • Do you want to be able to control who accesses your extended network and when they access it?

If your answer to the majority of the above questions is yes, you might definitely want to consider buying the Amped Wireless REA20.


  • This wireless range extender is an excellent option if you already have an 802.11ac compliant router/access point. If you only have a 802.11n router, this device will still work, but it might be an overkill for your current situation. However, if you want to be future-proof, this is still a good option.
  • A wired network is always faster than a wireless network – if you are able to drag cables and introduce switches at various locations at your home to create a reliable wired network, that should be your first priority.
  • Not many laptops come with built-in 802.11ac adapters. Most of them have only 802.11n adapters. Same with other Wi-Fi devices.
  • The maximum coverage distance (10,000 feet as mentioned by the manufacturer) is only indicative and in practical situations, that will depend on various factors like the number/type of walls, type of signal interference, number of devices connecting to the wireless network, distance over which they connect, etc. Practically, the range will be lesser than that.

Features/Specifications: Manufacturer’s web-page for Amped Wireless REA20.

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