10 reasons why SMB companies need to move to VOIP with Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX

SMB companies have always had limited budgets to spend on communications infrastructure. In this post, we will see how Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX helps them to move on to IP Telephony with low investments and help them reduce the ongoing costs for communication as well as give all the productivity features that are normally associated with enterprise grade IP Telephony systems.

Grandstream 4 Lines IP PBX

Small and Medium Business companies typically have multiple locations and lesser than 100 people working in each of them. This IP PBX from Grandstream – GXE 502x is meant for such businesses and is the main component of their entire suite of VOIP products that include IP (SIP) Phones, ATA (Analog Telephony Adapters to connect analog phones and analog trunk lines to the IP PBX) and IP Video Phones. Below we have made a list of ten important factors (productivity & cost saving features) that enable SMB’s to move to IP Telephony system across their branches.

1. SIP Trunking: A SIP trunk is a concept which enables a user to call to phones / communication devices over the Internet.

There are two types of SIP trunking – Multiple Grandstream GXE 502x (and even other vendor’s soft switches and IP PBX that support SIP Trunking) can be peered together  over the Internet or IP WAN connections like MPLS/ Leased Lines etc. This enables all the internal calls (made from any branch to any other branch) free of cost (if you are using unlimited broadband connections or Internet Leased Lines, that is).

The second type of SIP Trunk is the Trunking of the Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX with multiple Internet Telephony Service Providers (usually over the Internet) like Skype so that, using the Internet as a medium, you can call any Land Line or Cell Phone in any country supported by the service provider (In India, calling over the Internet to Local/STD numbers is not yet allowed, but you can call international phone numbers). As you might have guessed, this would reduce the cost of long distance calling drastically, especially if your company needs to make a lot of long distance calls.

2. Terminate Multiple Lines in one box: The Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX is a custom built hardware appliance which has built-in interfaces to connect to the Network (Leased Lines, Internet, ITSP), FXO (Analog Trunk Lines), FXS (Fax Machine or Analog Extensions – Analog Phones).

3. Built-In Fax Server: To send a fax, normally you need to take a print out, go to the fax machine and dial the number etc.  When you get one, some one collects the fax paper and sends it to your desk. With this IP PBX, you can directly right click a file (from your computer, that needs to be faxed) and fax it with a single click without even leaving your desk. You can also receive all faxes coming to your extensions in your e-mail!

4. Interactive Voice Response (Voice Guide) and MOH (Music on Hold) – With normal digital PBX, you can get only one type of welcome voice prompt and that too with limited or no customization options. But with Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX, you can have multiple voice prompts based on the time (office hours, after office hours) and day (working day, holiday) etc. You can also customize the IVR Tree structure and make changes to voice prompts easily. You can set up any digital audio file of your choice for the Music On Hold, and change it anytime.

5. Voice Mail: The Grandstream IP PBX comes with 150 hours of built in memory (512 MB) for recording voice mails so that you don’t have to buy a separate appliance for the same and it would even send you an email prompt if voice mail is received for your extension.

6. Presence: Just like how an Instant Messenger would convey if a person is available for chatting or not, the IP PBX supports presence information to be shared among all the users – Users can themselves set if they are available for receiving calls or not, which can be viewed by all employees.

7. Conference bridge: Depending on the model, there may be 2/4 Conference Rooms available to accommodate 12/20 voice conference participants who can participate with their land lines, cell phones or even soft-phones from remote locations over the IP Network.

8. Help-desk facilities with basic call center features: Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX enables an SMB to have some basic call center features available out of the box for their help desk employees. It has Automatic Call Distribution (Calls in English go to one operator, calls in Tamil go to another, for example), Call Queuing (Calls are on hold till an operator finishes another call) and Call Grouping/Hunting (a call can land on multiple extensions (or) try one extension, if no answer then land on another extension) to enable the same.

9. Personal Portal Page: The Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX gives a personal portal page for each employee so that they can handle the individual call settings, voice mail messages etc by themselves without having to contact the administrator.

10. Video Codec Support: The Grandstream GXE 502x IP PBX supports Video Phones (based on SIP, Grandstream manufactures Video Phones too) to be used in the Network or Internet to enable basic personal video conferencing. Users can also send and receive video messages using these video phones.

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