Wireless AC Media Bridge ~ TRENDnet TEW-800MB

The TRENDnet TEW-800MB is one of the first Wireless AC Media Bridge device released in the market. It’s not a wireless router, but works along with one.

Consider the following situation:

Let’s assume that you have certain devices like a Computer, TV monitor, gaming console, video streaming device, etc. that need a wired network connection.

  • But, you only have a wireless network.
  • Or, the wireless router (with Internet connectivity) is far away and you don’t want to pull cables from there to the location where your access devices are present.
  • Or, pulling cables is expensive.
  • Or, cabling is not possible (cable length greater than 100 meters, architectural limitations, etc.).

In such situations, provided your wireless signal strength is decent, you can buy and place the wireless media bridge near the devices. This will connect to/form a backbone wireless network with the wireless router and you can connect the devices using cables, in the wired ports present on the media bridge, thus connecting them to the Internet.


Highlights of the TRENDnet TEW-800MB:

  • Wireless AC Media Bridge: Up to 867 Mbps (802.11ac) or 300 Mbps (802.11n) ~ Connects to both Wireless AC routers (latest) or Wireless N routers over the wireless medium with sufficient bandwidth.
  • Connects wired-only network devices (like TV monitor, media player, game console, etc.) to the wireless network at high-speeds.
  • 4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps wired network ports ~ Connects up to 4 wired-network devices.
  • WPS button for secure & encrypted wireless connection between wireless router and media bridge ~ Security is almost like wired network connection.
  • 3-year warranty ~ Peace of mind to you.

Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page.


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