Netgear XAVB6504 600 Mbps Powerline AV Network Adapter

Netgear XAVB6504 Powerline AV Network Adapter

Photo courtesy: Netgear.

Netgear XAVB6504 Powerline 600 PassThru 4-Port 600 Mbps AV Adapter works as a pair:

  1. XAVB6504 (shown in above photo), connects to the electrical socket and contains 4 Network/Ethernet ports to connect with four (wired network enabled) devices.
  2. XAVB6502, connects to the electrical socket and contains 1 Network/Ethernet port, to connect with Modem/Router or Network Switch, at the other end.

When these two powerline AV adapters are placed into two power sockets at two locations, a network is established between them. Data will be carried (along with power), over the power-lines. You can stream video, transfer files or do anything that you can do with a computer network.

Powerline AV adapters are mostly employed in networking applications where it is  difficult establish a wired network between two locations at home/small business (due to high-cost or in-feasibility), and wireless network is not reliable/doesn’t offer sufficient speeds.

The Advantages of XAVB6504 over previous models include,

  • Up to 600 Mbps speeds between the two adapters (older models support 500/200 Mbps). Practically, however, you’ll get around 25 Mbps steady connection, which is sufficient for HD video streaming.
  • Homeplug AV2 compliant.
  • Supports Smart Link Plus for optimizing HD video streaming over the network – built for watching movies/playing games over the network, without lag/delay.
  • Provides a power-outlet on top which can be used to provide power to an appliance or connecting a power strip. Your precious power outlet is not lost!
  • The XAVB6504 model can connect up to four Ethernet devices through the four built-in network ports (1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps, 3 x 10/100 Mbps) – Why buy additional devices/waste additional power outlets to connect more devices to the network?

Other Advantages of Netgear XAVB6504:

  1. You can stream 720p & 1080p HD Videos over powerlines and their quality will be better than what you get with wireless N network.
  2. Less expensive than building a wired network from scratch. More reliable/faster than Wi-Fi N connections.
  3. LED indicator enables you to identify the power outlet (among many, in a room) with best throughput/performance. Yes, performance differs based on which outlet you connect to.
  4. Connect multiple devices (up to 4) to the network. If you want, you can just add a small network switch and connect even more devices. But, remember that all the devices will share the 600 Mbps bandwidth.
  5. There is a push-and-secure button that will encrypt all the signals between the two powerline AV adapters, for connections that require security. If you don’t want it – don’t use it. There will be a small decrease in performance, if this feature is enabled.
  6. Auto power down when not in use – Yes, the device consumes some power for operation and you don’t need to worry about switching it off/on every time. Just leave it on, it will take care of itself.
  7. It is backwards compatible with other Netgear powerline AV adapter models – you can use it along with any of them. It should be compatible with other manufacturers’ products as well, as long as they follow standards.
  8. Typical coverage: Up to 500 square meters or 1640 feet. That is more than what wired/wireless network devices can support ~ Powerline AV adapters are an excellent choice if you want to connect devices that are far away – with minimum cost – to your network.


  1. Surge protection in powerlines (if enabled) may affect the performance of the power adapter.
  2. Aluminum cabling may not give as much performance as copper cabling – check what type of cabling you have at home.
  3. You can’t plug it into a power strip, you need to plug it in directly into an electrical socket.
  4. This model may not provide a massive increase in performance over the previous model (500 Mbps). If you are price conscious, you can also buy that.

Further Information: Manufacturer’s web-page.

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