Outdoor Surveillance Camera with Vari-Focal Lens: Grandstream GXV3674

Grandstream Vari-Focal Lens Outdoor Surveillance Camera
Grandstream Networks has released a new Outdoor Surveillance camera – GXV 3674 that features a vari-focal lens. When the lens is set at 2.8mm, you can monitor a nearby area (at 115 deg. angle) and when it is set at 12mm, you can monitor a far-away area (at 30 deg. angle). You can also monitor intermediary distances (with applicable angles).

This is a great functionality to have because now it is possible to focus the area that one needs to monitor and one can monitor areas that are somewhat far. A generic IP surveillance camera can’t do this and a PTZ camera is more expensive. If the area you want to monitor keeps changing or is located at considerable distance from the camera, you might want to buy the Grandstream GXV 3674, for improved accuracy.


  1. Outdoor IP/SIP Surveillance Camera with vari-focal lens – monitor nearby areas as well as far-away areas (like parking lots, etc.).
  2. 1.2 MP CMOS Image Sensor, H.264 streaming at 720p HD resolution – decent video quality.
  3. IP66 Weather-proof casing – just keep it outdoors and you don’t have to worry about any weather extremities. The camera is designed to handle them all.
  4. Can be powered using a POE Switch/Adapter – There is no need for a separate power cable (just one data cable will supply data + power).
  5. Infrared capability for low-light and night-time recording – surveillance is critical in the night time, isn’t it?
  6. Two way audio support – you can talk to and listen to, people near the camera.
  7. Incl. video management software to manage up to 36 IP cameras – at no extra cost.
  8. Supports motion detection/notification – track for any abnormal movement in the frame and record/get notified when there is one.
  9. Streams to computers/mobile devices (built-in streaming server supports streaming to at least four clients simultaneously) – you can look at the recorded footage or live footage from a computer in the premises or live footage from a smart phone over the Internet.
  10. Pre/post Event recording buffer (8 MB), to record on-device when connection to the network is lost – for emergency.
  11. Infra Red LEDs to cover up to 25m for surveillance during darkness – Illuminate enough area around the camera using IR rays (not light) for seeing in the night time.
  12. Network connection – 10/100 Mbps – Connection to the Network/Internet is required for viewing/storing the video.


Further info & Image credit: http://www.grandstream.com/index.php/products/ip-video-surveillance/gxv3674

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